Here at EtherColors we know that some players want to express themselves. We also know that some players love to be rewarded. So we decided to give players both.

Announcing EtherColors Canvas.

EtherColors Canvas

EtherColors Canvas is a new major game system that allows players to paint any available color on a…

EtherColors is planning to release three new colors this weekend (3/11). These colors will be released alongside a special announcement regarding the colorful future of EtherColors.

Exact launch times and colors will be announced in Discord. If you haven’t yet, make sure to follow us on Twitter for even more updates and news regarding the world of colors.

As always, stay tuned for more information.

UPDATE (3/11)

We decided to push back the release of these colors and announcement because the game features that we were wanting to announce are actually close to being wrapped up. The colors and new gameplay features will all be released Saturday (3/17).

For a sneak peek:

Today marks the official launch of EtherColors!

EtherColors is a cryptocurrency game that allows players to collect their favorite colors; however, there is a twist: Players can steal colors from each other.

The more colors you own, the higher you rank.


Even though the goal of the game is to collect the most colors, we want players to be rewarded any time their color is stolen. This reward comes in the form of ether compensation.

Any time a color is purchased, the previous owner of the color will receive what they paid for originally and plus some. The color will then automatically be sold 20% higher by the new owner. As colors exchange hands, the price of those colors will continue to rise.

Moving Forward

In the upcoming days, we will be posting more about the game and any upcoming updates.

Please stay tuned.



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