We’ve been hard at work on the latest Ethercraft game features — including some all-new mechanics. In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to explore the forest and gather wood, as well as use the in-game shop to trade, get quests, or even try to steal from the shop owner.

The Forest

The forest is hard to miss on the Ethercraft map. In it, you’ll be able to chop wood, search for hidden items, and replant seeds to grow new trees. …

Step One: Connect to the Kovan Network

Ethercraft feature testing is being conducted on the Kovan test network. If you’ve never connected to an Ethereum test network, fear not — it’s fast and easy with the Metamask extension.

First, open your Metamask extension. Then, click on the network selector in the upper-right and select “Kovan Test Network.” Finally, visit https://kovan.faucet.enjin.io and paste in your wallet address to receive some Kovan ETH. It may seem like a small amount, but it’s all you need to play Ethercraft for hours.



As detailed in our recent development update, we’re pleased to announce our partnership with HashWorld. Without further ado, here’s the rundown:

What is HashWorld?

HashWorld is a blockchain game which leverages fun mini-games and virtual property collection to promote and educate players on blockchain technology.

Users can play games to “mine” tokens and complete tasks to obtain high-value digital currency such as bitcoin presented by the game. Beginners can both enjoy the fun of mini-games and earn some real money as digital currency. …

April 4th

Hello everyone, we’ve got a couple of juicy updates for you today as well as a few exciting announcements.

Project Development

Contract Development

First and foremost, contract development has been our top priority over the last few weeks. While our trading contract system is essentially complete, we’ve shifted focus in response to both community feedback and excellent third-party solutions to trading, and we’ve been working on something far larger in scope.

Our current endeavor includes a complete overhaul of our entire ecosystem, with the end goal being a far more robust solution (including a monolithic crafting system) which will scale far better…

March 23

Hello everyone, this post is just a brief follow-up to some of the discussion we’ve been having on Discord and Telegram. We’re pleased to confirm that tonight, 10 PM EST (10 AM in China), we will be releasing a fresh item set as part of a soft Chinese launch. This set is largely free but also includes a number of standard items as well as a couple of Enchanted items.

The purpose of this release is just to give people something for free as well as to provide us a platform for our initial marketing efforts. (Moreover, most…

March 16

This post is just a quick addendum to our previous post and will outline some of what we’ve done over the last week as well as a few things we’ve been discussing across our various channels.

Important announcement:

As we announced via Discord and Telegram, we’ve decided to reschedule the Chinese item release itself for next week. We will begin our Chinese marketing this week, and our new target for the item release itself is 10 AM on Saturday, the 24th in China (which is Friday, 10 PM EST and Saturday, 2 PM GMT). …

March 9

We’ve got a couple of development updates for you all today as well as some potentially big news. Starting with development:

Contract Development

As outlined in our previous post, we’ve been working hard on contract development. Our top priorities have included both the trading system and an RNG system and its implementation in opening the Lucky Bag and subsequently other loot items.


Since our last post, we’ve made quite a lot of progress, and we’re pleased to announce that our trading floor system is essentially complete and is nearly ready to be deployed to the mainnet. While we can’t guarantee…

February 23

We’ve got a quick update for you all today as well as a couple of goodies.

Weekly Progress

Contract development

Although we stated in a previous post that our top priority includes the remaining regional sets, we decided to shift gears this week and focus mainly on contract development. One of our top priorities has been our trade system, internally referred to (and which those of you on Telegram and Discord may have heard of) as tradeOffers, which is coming along well and which will be among the first of the coming major updates. …



多大な時間と労力を費やした結果、ついに私たちはイーサクラフトをお披露目することができてとても光栄に思います。 イーサクラフトはブロックチェーン上で遊べる分散型のRPGです。イーサクラフトはイーサリアム仮想マシン(EVM)の力を活用し、ブロックチェーン上で素早く、楽しく利益を生みだす可能性を提供できるゲームを目指しています。




アイテムはEtherを使用してショップ(イーサリアムをベースとしたスマートコントラクト) から購入することができ、購入後すぐにあなたのイーサリアムアドレスにERC20トークンとして作成されます。あなたは購入したアイテムに対して絶対の権限があり、自由に購入、売却、交換することができます。取引はゲーム内で直接、もしくは0x及びその他の分散型プロトコルを介して行うことができます。


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