EtherDragons Dragonology.

Welsh dragons.

The first wave of EtherDragons presale is devoted to Welsh dragons breed, which homeland is tragically considered Wels. The dragons of this breed are quite peaceful and eat mainly wild animals, fishes, giant birds and sometimes people. But they don’t like eat human because of the nasty smell of their thoughts. In case of forced battle with human or predators, they show themselves as skilled fighters, and they can be defeated by powerful magic only. If a dragon is interested in winning, he can set the drizzle and disappear. Any of dragons can turn into a human, but they don’t like to do this, because this action is humiliating for dragons. There is a legend that dragons descended from mighty human wizards, who wanted to strengthen their bodies so that could accommodate all their available magic. However up-to-date Dragonology thinks that these legends are the lie and don’t take them seriously.

There are five kinds of Welsh breed: Blue, Magenta, Orange, Green and Lilac. This colour division is due to the habitat of dragons.

Blue Welsh Dragon

Blue Welsh dragons live near the lakes and rivers and fishing the big fishes. But if fishing isn’t successful, they can hunt on wild animals and stoles animals on farms. They don’t like open spaces, and therefore practically no Blue Welsh dragons appear on the beach of the sea. These dragons able not only fly but they able to dive and swim. When they swim in winter, they warm water near themselves. There were funny cases when some people mistook fishing Blue Welsh dragon for Loch Ness monster.

Pink Welsh Dragon

Pink Welsh dragons dwell mainly in the mountains with a lot of pink granite. It’s believed that he leads a daily life; however he prefers to do outings in the early morning with the first rays of the sun. Usually, Pink Welsh dragon preys on mountain goats, and there have been cases when they attacked predators such as bears, werewolves and yeti. But the modern Dragonology is inclined to the fact that such attacks caused by the protection of the dragon’s habitat only.

Orange Welsh Dragon

Orange Welsh dragons prefer to nest in careers, ravines and other places with a soft sandy ground. They prey mainly on the sand snakes, which meat is the delicacy for this breed of dragons. But they can eat fishes, wild goals or stolen sheep or small horses. Like all of Welsh dragons, they prefer stealthiness and therefore on the new careers where still stay traces of aura of the career workers they can be found very seldom and only at night.

Green Welsh Dragon

Green Welsh dragons live in forests and pray on roe and big wild birds. They consider the more secretive because they can hide in the plants very well. Young dragons up to 100 years old prefer to nest in the crone of the large trees. But adult ones relocates to the ground and build nets from granite boulders and pine trees or hide in the caves. If there are people nearby the dwelling of the dragon, he, not wanting to show his true nature, can turn into a human, go out to the people and using guile make them go away. According to legends, such dragon-werewolves were Robin Hood and Ivan Susanin.

Liliac Welsh Dragon

Lilac Welsh dragons are more mystic kind of the breed. They can be found only at sunset. For sure it isn’t known where they are at the rest of the time. But it is considered that they trip between neighbour realities following the sunset. And therefore in our reality, Lilac Welsh dragons can be found only for a couple of hours from the evening to the dusk. The confirmation of this may be the fact that before sunset and near the dusk these dragons have temporary structure, melting in the space. Lilac Welsh dragons eat souls of the dead animals and humans despite the content of this meal. And therefore these dragons prefer to dwell near the other predators and combat areas. They don’t eat living flesh because it ties them to the current reality and doesn’t let to follow sunset.