Now Introducing EtherEstates!

EtherEstates is a brand new collectibles game that allows you to own completely unique digital representations of buildings, estates, and monuments around the world.

On you can comb through your favorite estates and purchase them from their current owner. Once you purchase the property it is automatically relisted for an increased price and you begin being paid rent for it! With our Rent function, each owner gets paid a percent of every single purchase in the EtherEstates ecosystem based off the payout of their respective properties.

You may not be able to count on collecting rent for long though as your properties can be purchased by any user at any time. You will receive the full purchase price and any rent you collected while you owned it but will not receive any more rent from it.

EtherEstates tokens are fully ERC721-compatible and can be transferred as you like between you and anyone you know. You are the only one who owns that unique token and you’ll own it forever! That is, unless someone buys it from you…

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