ETH93 Has Launched on Ethereum!

After countless hours of development and testing, we’re happy to announce the first version of the ETH93 lottery smart contract has been deployed to the Ethereum mainnet at address 0xdd2ee38f9993c0bc1c1b5b9798bc4deff66cac4a. This contract has already been verified on Etherscan (see for those interested in seeing the code itself.

What is ETH93 all about?

The ETH93 smart contract runs a daily lottery with a couple of unique features. First, 93% (hence the name) of ticket sales in Ether go to the winner; second, 5% of ticket sales in Ether go to an established charity, Heifer International (not affiliated with us in any way). To our knowledge this is the first decentralized app that gives a cut of revenue to charity — and the Ethereum blockchain is the perfect platform to have such an app, since it can be easily verified that our smart contract does what we claim it does by looking at the verified source code.

How do ETH93 lotteries work?

The ETH93 lottery relies on the Oraclize smart contract to query the API, which generates an entirely random number to determine the winner of each days lottery. We believe this to be the simplest and best way to determine winners, and a superior method to determining a winner based on the hash of the latest block mined (which can possibly be subject to manipulation). has existed for nearly 20 years and is used by countless services.

Participating in lotteries

Every 0.01 Ether sent to the ETH93 smart contract address at 0xdd2ee38f9993c0bc1c1b5b9798bc4deff66cac4a will get you 1 ticket. There is no limit on the number of tickets that people can buy in each daily lottery — the more tickets are sold, the lower your chance of winner but the higher the jackpot will be.

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