“When the moment would come for him to back off and use diplomacy he’d not be able to do it because…
Svetlana Voreskova

Oh god , we’re talking about the star of a reality show who had to decide who between Bret Michaels and Cindy Lauper would have been a better CEO for a company that doesn’t exist…

Also :

  • He went bankrupt more time than one could possibly count
  • Evades taxes
  • Has a terrible reputation in the construction business because he
  • doesn’t pay people or unilaterally renegotiate terms
  • Has 3550 something law suits filled against him
  • Never donated a dollar to charity
  • Thinks Global Warming is a hoax made up by the chinese
  • Wants to build a 50 billion dollar wall which is a fucking joke just to channel that public money through his shady companies
  • Believes he’s above the law and sexual assault doesn’t apply to him because he’s a reality show celebrity (“they’d let you do anything….grab them by the pussy”…)
  • He’s as authoritarian as dictators like Putin and Qaddafi
  • Advocated for war crimes (waterboarding , kill terrorist’s families)
  • Advocated for deportation
  • Threatened to jail his opponent
  • Threatened to kill journalists
  • Threatened to block the internet
  • Praised Putin for being a “strong leader” when reporters asked about a journalist found dead
  • Lies consistently
  • Advocated for violence against protesters (punch them in the face)
  • Spent 5 million dollars to have his bathroom plated in gold
  • Claimed that mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists
  • Didn’t rule out the use of nuclear weapons in Europe
  • Made ridiculous promises of bringing back jobs which would not be brought back
  • Is anti trade even though even a 5 year old understands how trade advantages everyone
  • Wants to pull out the Paris agreement on climate change
  • Advocated for a proliferation of nuclear weapons
  • Advocated for an increased defense spending
  • Advocated for an upgrade of Minutemen ICBM nuclear missiles
  • Is a demagogue who appeals to the lowest common denominator
  • Praised Qatar for it’s infrastructure built using slave labor
  • Used immigrant labor in each and every project he developed
  • Succeeded in bankrupting a casino
  • Completely destroyed a political party
  • Scammed people for millions of dollars with stuff like the Trump University
  • Wrote a children bool titled “Winners aren’t Losers”
  • He’s anti gay marriage
  • He was so in need of attention that he had to make up the lie of President Obama not being american
  • Before he was even elected he already severed relations with Iran
  • Didn’t debate in any of the 10 debates he participated during the campaign , he just yelled at opponents and made fun of them
  • He’s possibly the human being with thinnest skin on the face of the Earth ( remember this guy will be in possess of nuclear codes)
  • Used whistleblowers revelations to propel his campaign
  • Is anti abortion
  • Has been endorsed by all 6000 members of the KKK
  • He claims to be a great businessmen but in fact he has been outperformed by the S&P

Plus regarding Putin I’d give him the benefit of the doubt in his foreign policy because he has an aggressive military organization like NATO within 300 km from Russian borders , but internally….this guy has had people who opposed him killed or jailed , and if that isn’t enough he stole 1 billion dollars from the state budget to build himself a palace on the Black Sea , not even mentioning his 2 yachts , luxury cars and watch collection worth millions of dollars with no explanation on how he was able to buy all these toys , also Cyprus bank accounts , also Gunvor..

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