Figment Networks has voted ‘yes’ to Cosmos Governance Proposal 3


Figment Networks has voted ‘yes’ to Cosmos Governance Proposal 3.

Figment Networks has voted ‘yes’ to Cosmos Governance Proposal 3, which can be verified on Hubble here. We have vetted Cosmos SDK v0.34 and are satisfied that the upgrade is safe to proceed with implementation.

However, we would like to establish Cosmos governance procedures and conventions that minimize the potential for excluding delegators from using their ‘override’ option.

Delegators are supposed to have time to override their validator’s vote.

Figment considers this ‘yes’ vote to be a compromise, in that we do not want our vote to be part of setting a precedent for expedited decisions. Thus, we will propose that expedited governance be reserved for critical updates only.

In fact, we will likely bring three proposals forward, which we have created following 👉 these governance proposal guidelines 👈

Please review, criticize, and propose amendments. Please spread the word about each of the three proposals that we have drafted for the Cosmos community:

  1. A formalized process for issuing non-emergency Cosmos SDK software upgrades.
  2. A formalized process for issuing emergency Cosmos SDK software updates.
  3. A formalized process for issuing critical Cosmos SDK software updates.

Each of the three proposals can be found in Google Docs — please comment there, on the Cosmos forum, or on Twitter.

Hopefully you found this useful. Feedback is welcome.
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