Automatically receive cryptocurrency airdrops?

Aug 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Nowadays many crypto startups use Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) to get initial funding for their projects. To reach a wider audience, some of them also give away free cryptocurrency airdrops to anyone who enters their ETH address and subscribes to their newsletter, twitter account or telegram channel. Although subscribing is easy and sometimes profitable, it does require a lot of manual action to subscribe to these crypto airdrops.

Superbloom is a decentralized token trading platform which aims to make the airdrop process easier. Anyone who holds Superbloom SEED tokens will automatically get a share of airdropped crypto tokens and will be able to trade them on the platform. The Super Rewards are tokens from high quality blockchain startups that are in private sale or are under-valued on the open market. Instead of paying a listing fee for the exchange, the startups are required to airdrop a certain amount of tokens to all SEED token holders.

Superbloom Crypto Airdrop
Superbloom Crypto Airdrop

All featured tokens are curated by Superbloom’s investment team and have scored high on the Superbloom Quotient (SBQ) for future token growth. Superbloom aims to supply Super Reward tokens 26 times a year. When you invest in SEED tokens, Superbloom will reward you with tokens worth 10 to 20% of your SEED token value every year.

Sign up for Superbloom now and and receive 50 SEED tokens for free.

Originally published at EtherICO.

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