Nash-Jones, dressed as Guy Fawkes, leads a march on Parliament, demanding an Australian-style immigration policy — the event was shared online by Henry Bolton, the leader of UKIP

Rise of the Eton EDL: the toffs behind Britain’s new hard-right

[I wrote this for BuzzFeed but it was deleted – probably a lawyer like Elizabeth Jones threatened them with legal action.]

The fascist movement in Britain is know for rabid infighting, such as when Steven Woolfe, often called “Oreo” for betraying his race, was knocked out cold by fellow anti-immigration demagogue Mike Hookem. However, the latest challenge to far-right leadership has been an eerily calm, peaceful, bloodless coup of conservatism by well-known faces such as the Henry Jackson Society’s Douglas Murray, and RebelTV’s Ezra Levant, flanked by new, young characters: the Football Lads Alliance’s John Meighan, and UKIP’s Luke Anthony Nash-Jones, whose last protest the party shared on Twitter.

These smooth-talking well-educated young hateful toffs, such as Nash-Jones’s clique, known pejoratively as the “Eton EDL”, have swept in and taken over the right. There isn’t a tattoo amongst them. No skinheads here. They all have foppish hair, if they don’t sport some floppy variant of an “alternative right” crew cut. These are the last people you’d imagine would release a disgusting video defending Tommy Robinson’s comments on “grooming gangs” – unexpected like a sharp, bright bolt of lightening out of a pitch-black dark sky, this shockingly intellectual, but vile piece arrogantly slammed the middle-class for “cognitive dissonance” – hardly the sort of phrase one hears in far-right circles, and an outrageous abuse of the taxpayer-supplied gift of higher education.

London closed down by shouting football lads

Though often seen enjoying “that fine British tradition” of downing a pint, these likeable lads, who appear to have rolled off the set of the Big Bang Theory, don’t even seem to smoke, and probably are more likely to play a game of croquet than watch a footie match. That said, Nash-Jones may not be as innocent as he seems, because he is an avid paintballer, and karate fanatic, who refuses to criticise American gun laws. Believed to have been a RAF engineer, Nash-Jones also has associates who served in the armed forces, or are currently in the Territorial Army.

Rebel TV viewers, FLA fans, and Nash-Jones’s movement, the “Chartists”, of whom there is much overlap indeed, absolutely adore Trump, who they call “Daddy”. They chant the phrase “Build the Wall”, though they are referring to Brexit, or more specifically, they don’t want to let Syrian refugees in. Phil Campion firmly demands jihadis be refused entry. Meanwhile, callous, heartless, rigid to the letter of the law, stickler Nash-Jones mutters hateful rubbish at rallies about sending boats back because a UN definition of refugee only includes those from neighbouring states. Our moral duty is to set an example to the world, as the British, and help those fleeing tragedies, usually wars we created!

“The Prophet”, Douglas Murray, is the brains of the alt-light

The most famous and perhaps father of the British counter-jihad movement is Douglas Murray – known by these lads as “the Prophet”, a term they sometimes extend to Jordan Peterson, and a phrase I even heard one fascist refer to Enoch Powell by. There is also incredible reverence for shock-jock Katie Hopkins. Many of these posh boys have a glowing adoration of controversial Zionists such as Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, and Tommy Robinson’s employer, the Rebel TV founder Ezra Levant, as well as Levant’s former blonde eye-candy Lauren Southern and pro-Bible doll Faith Goldy. Hence, it is no shock that they whine about the threat of jihadism – an Islamophobic position lifted straight out of Israeli politics — for all we know, Jerusalem could be bankrolling them.

The likes of Murray, Peterson and others would be at home in the halls of Oxbridge. These orators soothing warm tones and sharp wit are reminiscent of a university lecturer that educated young people would respect as a source of wisdom. Herein lies the danger: vulnerable young people are being misled. This false sense of safety causes trust and hence the “Eton EDL” are a destructive gateway via which the liberal middle-class are drawn away from progressivism and swallowed into the dark depths of Tommy Robinson-style counter-jihadism. This is gentrified racism!

One of Murray’s most passionate British minions is the lunatic Luke Anthony Nash-Jones, a rabid fan of Donald Trump who runs the People’s Charter Foundation slammed by HopeNotHate as the British alt-light movement – the sole purpose of which is clearly to push American-style Trumpian rightwing politics onto Britain. He was dangerously prolific during the Brexit campaign, mobilising young people across Britain to spread anti-EU filth — he invited anti-abortion figure Jacob Rees-Mogg to address his alumni at University College London. These days, it is Nash-Jones’s fast-growing patriotic populist “Chartist” movement that is of major concern, with even to my absolute shock, the British Legion endorsing him.

Nash-Jones associates with, even goes to the pub for a pint with, the controversial John Meighan, who heads up the 70,000 man strong Football Lads Alliance, which is basically a peaceful, slicker version of Tommy Robinson’s controversial EDL (the English Defence League). This is part of a new surge of rightwing protesting in Britain, featuring also the Veterans Against Terrorism led by “Big Phil” Campion, Anne-Marie Waters’s “For Britain,” and the “Chartists” led by Nash-Jones. I fear a return to the 1930s, where in Berlin, fascists thugs roamed the streets in gangs and beat up brave socialists who were the forerunners to today’s anti-fascist movement.

Meighan, Campion, and Nash-Jones share an adamant insistence on purging neo-Nazis from the British right, which is no surprise, when we consider that they actually seem to be racist Zionists. They are obsessed with marketing and public relations. Meighan shunned speakers from FLA marches, Campion clashed with Robinson, and Murray doesn’t even speak at rallies, while Luke Anthony Nash-Jones is well-known for his typically UKIP firm refusal to share a stage with anyone who was prominent in the BNP, or the London Forum. These fast-thinking dangerous lads are worryingly good at air-brushing the image of the far-right. This is weaponised intelligence – education abused for evil gain.

The hero of the alt-light is UKIP’s David Kurten, who is controversial for his comments on homosexuals

There are claims that Nash-Jones even declined an offer to address the Traditional Britain Group, siding with Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and his discomfort over the TBG’s notorious race comments. However, while Nash-Jones’s “Make Britain Great Again” campaign may or may not be racist, and Meighan may claim his FLA march attendees are racially diverse, that is totally irrelevant because just like Nigel Farage, they certainly have far broader support than the hard-right overtly-racist fringe, and thus normalises criticism of immigration, which causes an environment in which racism can flourish.

Now, compare such reality to the false “diversity” implied by Nash-Jones’s alliance with a number of elected politicians, including mixed-race London Assembly member, David Kurten, some would dismiss as tokenism, and his strong Zionist links to Jewish activists, Eye On Anti-Semitism, with whom he passionately marched against Hamas, Israeli flag in hand! They are Zionists who oppose Palestinian freedom. Nonetheless, this rising star of the British alt-light, Nash-Jones gives a disturbingly welcoming, healthy, racism-free image and a sense of wit, maturity, and diversity that is certainly not an accurate reflection of British patriotism.

Nash-Jones with Elizabeth Jones of the UKIP management board. She is rumoured to be his aunt, and legal counsel, as well as source of Russian funding

Luke Anthony Nash-Jones is flanked by other “Chartists” – an eclectic rag-tag bunch of rebels such as Frankie Rudolph, a well-read, confident student; Jay Turner, a tea-swigging Labour activist who follows Nash-Jones and Meighan around the country; Jordan Gonzo, who hates feminism -charming; Stuart Agnew MEP, an ex-Rhodesian Amy soldier; Alex Nieora, a Russian(?) counter-jihad lawyer; Godfrey Bloom, who assaulted(?) a journalist; Timothy Harris, a “Christian nationalist”; and even Elizabeth Jones of the UKIP management board, the NEC, who is a solicitor, who rumoured to be Nash-Jones’s aunt, and to have links to Russian investors. This gang could hardly be said to be representative of modern Britain!

In fact, they all have clear links to the aforesaid party, with Nash-Jones even giving an absolutely irreprehensible speech on Brexit and the Australian-style immigration policy at a UKIP conference, of which Enoch Powell no doubt would have been most proud. Questions need to raised as to funding, and whether this explains why they do not criticise Putin.

Hundreds of “Chartists” descend on London screaming “Axe the Tax”

Under the banners of “democracy” and “the rule of law”, slogans seemingly innocent, they oppose what they call “Islamofascism”. However, from their criticism of “grooming gangs”, this is blatantly Tommy Robinson’s nonsense but brushed up by fancy toffs, and hence now featuring a broader vocabulary, and deeper, seemingly well-researched factual arguments, that have the power, and already are misleading millions of vulnerable young working-class people.

We have to wonder if the “Eton EDL” like a bit of snort, as they make the ludicrous claim to be fighting a Marxist drive to eradicate Western civilisation. Tosh! “Anglophobia” is a nonsense word coined by Nash-Jones, who proclaimed to a few hundred bigots at his “Rally Against the BBC” on the 5th of November, that the Rotherham sex-trafficking scandal was “the greatest act of racism on British soil in recent times”. This while he wore a red poppy that glorifies the violence of the British Empire that pushed slavery. The protest was shared on Twitter by both UKIP itself, and their leader Henry Bolton.

The evil genius’s promotion of his country of “Kekistan” with black YouTube star “Big Man Tyrone” shows how infectious and powerful his bigotry is – Britain is on a dark path when even black people promote white supremacy! While the “Chartists” welcome supposedly people of all colours, even having mixed-race advocates such as Jonaya English, Timothy Harris, Siva Jothy, “Red Pill Phil”, and others, including Utsav Sanduja, the Asian-ancestry Communications Officer of, who laughed at liberal values in a video on MBGA News with Nash-Jones – that is certainly no guarantee they are so tolerant behind closed doors.

Luke Anthony Nash-Jones’s MBGA News, and other media outlets on YouTube, persecute young anti-fascist activists, by bombarding them with questions

In fact, MBGA News and other news outlets popping up on social media are a major concern. Nash-Jones has humiliated SWP supporters at the UKIP conference and Tommy Robinson rallies by bombarding them with difficult questions, instead of finding some of those things that make us human: emotions. This threat to socially progressive liberal hegemony must not be overlooked. Demoralised students fear the trauma of rightwing camera men shouting anti-immigration rhetoric.

In past times, Unite Against Racism would bravely counter-protest EDL events, destroying their organisations. Even at times, in the spirit of World War 2 warriors, the fash got a good bash. However, last week, when Tommy Robinson gave a book signing, only about 30 SWP supporters turned up – probably terrified he’d shove a RebelTV camera in their face. We were outnumbered! And this Sunday, Nash-Jones’s tantrum about “TV Tax” had a stronger turnout than the Million Mask March.

Nash-Jones and his “Chartists” brandish toy frogs outside of the HopeNotHate offices, screaming “Good People Hate Pedophiles”

However, the most disturbing development by the alt-light is their crack squad street activism movement, for example, the terrifying moment when literally hundreds of “Kekistani” “meme warriors” put down their keyboards to storm the HopeNotHate offices, waving green frogs and chanting “Good People Hate Paedophiles.” Again their intellect was used as a weapon against peace – weaponised intellect – as Luke Anthony Nash-Jones dug his way out of accusations of sharing the racist Pepe hate symbol, by some clever reference to Egyptian mythology.

Rather then arrest this far-right scum, the police supported them, even arranging a decoy to keep anti-fascist protestors away. The momentum of the “Chartists” movement is absolutely terrifying and threatens our freedom of speech: This Kekistani uprising was only days after his protest against MEND attending Parliament to meet with Labour MP Stephen Kinnock. With such frequency, rumoured Russian backing seems plausible.

Russian(?) lawyer Alex Nieora, and associate of Elizabeth Jones, interrupts and brings to an end a meeting of Stand Up To Racism, as he loudly declares Sharia law to be intolerant of homosexuals

Nash-Jones is disturbingly good at sabotaging the neo-liberal progressive hegemony that keeps our land safe – in fact, so good that someone must be guiding him. The bigots are slick, organised, and they have lawyers, maybe even Russian finance. The message is refined, the protests peaceful, and their statements to news agencies confident and researched. His followers have infiltrated a number of Stand Up To Racism events, including the conference, where he was rightly beaten up. In Ealing, with Alex Nieora, he shut down a Stand Up To Racism event.

With the rise of Trump, we are living in a most troubling period of history, and Britain has never before faced such a powerful, resilient, and posh force of rightwing patriots. Together we must seek solidarity to protect our multicultural country, and stand as a shining beacon of liberty to the world.