5 Part-Time Jobs that Add Value to your Resume

As a high-school student, you would be eager to start college. Moving to college, away from the watchful eyes of parents and being your own boss; no feeling matches this excitement. You must, however, take note that the movies, late night parties, and all the ‘fun’ in the college, are an add-on to the tuition and textbook expense that your parents are bearing. Part-time job offer the perfect middle way of meeting personal expenses and, in a way, supporting your parents financially. That said, you must not just see part-times jobs are a quick way of earning money but also a platform that helps you sharpen your skills and add weight to your resume when you graduate. This means you must choose a part-time job depending on the course you are studying. To help you make a smart decision, we list five part-time jobs to earn quick bucks and add value to the resume.

1. Bartender

Working as a bartender can be an excellent choice if you have enrolled in a hospitality management degree school. Restaurants and pubs always prefer youngsters for the role, and even train them. You will learn the basics of customer service and order management while earning more than a few dollars for your service.

2. Cashier

Cashier can be a great part-time choice if you are a business or accounting student. Retail and eating joint are the main employers that require cashiers, both of which are readily available in most college towns. At the helm, you will be responsible to manage the cash flow at the store, order sheet, and deal with customers. This will sharpen your customer management skills, teach you reporting, financing, budgeting, and planning, all of which are of huge value in the big league.

3. Photographer

If you have an eye for capturing beautiful moments, it is time to make the most of your skills. Local photographers and event management companies often require photographers to assist them in their projects. It is a flexible profile as most events happen at nights or weekends, not hampering your studies. If you have enrolled in an event management program, working part-time as a photographer can be a double bonus, you can hone your skill while earning.

4. Retail Sale Professional

For a sales and marketing students, there can be no better opportunity than to work at a retail outlet. Be it sports stores or fashion outlets, every retail store requires stylish, outgoing, and friendly youngsters as sale representatives. If you are a fashionista, working at a retail outlet can be like working in a gold mine. Most retail chains even offer employee discount, allowing you to get your hands on the latest trends at pocket-friendly prices. Make the most of your after-class time and weekends.

5. Teacher

Teaching is a noble profession. Tutoring a neighboring child or working as a part-time tutor at a nearby coaching center can help you earn a few bucks each week and at the same time increase your knowledge base and hone your skills. Checkout with nearby tuition centers or online teaching sites to offer your services after college hours and weekends.

Wrap Up
Though most states allow students to work part-time during their college years, make sure you know the permissible working hours. Also, whatever part-time job you choose, make sure it serves you more than money. If, for instance, you have enrolled in a hospitality management degree school to earn a degree in hospitality management, working as a photographer will only get you easy money and add nothing to your resume. In today’s highly competitive world, it is crucial to be focused right from college days, so that by the time you complete the degree program you have the career charted out.

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