Internet of Value Omniledger( IOVO): Pervasive and Generous Token Distribution Method

When I started to be acquianted with cryptocurrency, I never thought that earning money in the process is real. Some projects actually give a reward token in the form of bounty and at first I totally think this isn’t true but I was wrong. The sequence for this, is the project will introduce their own token that still young and needed some support and community to grow and for that you needed a method such bounty campaign.

The goal of a bounty campaign for an ICO is to ensure market penetration of the product or service in the world of cryptocurrency. By introducing a campaign, in this way the target audience can learn about the company, the team, their offering and the usefulness of their products/services. The bounty campaign becomes the lead to increase sales from what they called 
word-of-mouth promotion. Now it has become a regular thing for cryptocurrency ICO to incorporate bounty programs.

As time goes by, ICOs have become more popular that resulted to lots of issues in a large negative impact on the value and effect of many bounty campaigns. But for me it wasn’t the case, it still depends on the team who handle the campaign that the marketing turn sour. Bounty hunters are now picky on projects they are ought to support and ICO should realize that great incentive will lure them into your palm. Now, I stumble with a project that totally generous and as far as I reviewed their platform, I can sense a great deal on the concept of the project. Most good projects doesnt have a bounty campaign thinking that it will only ruin the stance of their ICO. But this project I encountered seems to work differently instead giving out an enticing reward if you join. Im talking about IOVO bounty campaign.

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Imagine participating in their bounty campaign will entitled you to received various tokens such as eth coin (which is number 2 in crypto market) and token from their own ICO project. Normally, most campaign only reward tokens but this company is too generous. I don’t have a negative sense that this isn’t legit or hoax or just a false advertising then in the end they will not pay the participants. Professional name and figures are at stake to ruin it just by scamming lots of people. Also, the campaign always have disclaimer that if their goal wasn’t reach hunters need to accept it. As they aren’t an investment company but a startup project who want to raise fund to support their goal to launch a new concept. The campaign itself is handled by a well known Bounty manager named Irfan_pak10, I already joined his campaign before on metahash and they pay the hunters with eth as promised. So, I confident with this one as well, plus the IOVO concept is unique and definitely investors will likely to see this along the way.

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In a campaign there’s a chance that cheaters always there to take advantage the process but this task should perform vividly by the Bounty Manager and his team with care to check all participants. For a good hunter who did his job well, a proper incentive should be his reward and no prizes for all those who will do cheating in the process. I Believe IOVO made a right choice to tap service of irfan since he is proven to run a quality check of every section of the campaign and only quality works are accepted. If you’re an honest bounty hunter you will not resort to do an easy escape just to earn some money hence work for it. For instances, translation campaign being done by google translate, Oh my God! This is not an easy task but not a hard one to do especially if you’re doing your own language to translate it. I believe everyone should be at least fluent in their own native language right? Also, blog campaign which some are just copying other’s work and converting into his own. I like the system that the spreadsheet for content is locked and cannot be view, this will reduce cheaters who want to copy other’s hard work.


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If you noticed the budget, I understand that Irfan’s team did hide the spreadsheet for some bounty category to avoid copying since the budget allotted is big and only those deserving work will be rewarded in the end. 350eth, if you will convert it into fiat is almost 75,000$ plus 5million$ of their native tokens. Clearly a win win for the hunters, so I suggest that everyone should do an honest work and trust the team that your effort would be counted. Lastly, if your read this, I encourage you to share this thought about IOVO project. Thank you!


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