What to do once you’ve completed your token distribution event

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If you’ve successfully launched your token distribution event — congratulations! You’ve cleared one of the biggest hurdles of your blockchain business.

But what happens next?

A clear post-sale strategy is necessary to maintain momentum and ensure that your TDE translates into the success of your startup.

Ensure Security Measures

Even once you’ve completed your TDE, you should be concerned about the security of your funds. Companies that launch successful TDEs have a target on their backs for hackers, since it’s common knowledge that a large amount of capital has been raised. It’s essential to look into cryptocurrency wallets and hard wallets (see below)…

With careful planning, your TDE can become a success story

It’s one of the first questions you need to answer when creating a token distribution event (TDE) — what is your funding goal? Simply picking a random number or basing your estimate purely on guesswork can set you up for failure.

And failure isn’t uncommon.

Blockchain Hub reports that 66 percent of TDEs, or initial coin offerings (ICOs), missed their goal in September 2017, highlighting the need for solid research when setting campaign goals.

Forward Planning

Before you promote your project or launch your token distribution event, you need a plan in place.

Past projects that have raised millions of dollars through…

Lift off with this in-depth sneak peek into how our all-in-one platform works

Rocket, Etherparty’s all-in-one platform designed to make it easy for entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives to launch a token distribution event (TDE) without a development team (Etherparty, 2018).

Launching a token distribution event, or TDE, doesn’t need to be complicated — but too often, it can be.

Any entrepreneur looking to raise money for a new business or blockchain project will quickly discover just how much time and effort is involved in a TDE. For starters, you need to know how to create an Ethereum token and smart contract — or find the funds for an experienced development team. …

Boost for Your Token Crowdsale by discovering the 3 C’s

Rocket, a token creation platform designed for entrepreneurs and business owners (Etherparty, 2018).

Given the costs, time, and effort involved in launching a token crowdsale, it can be tempting to find any way that will simplify the process. Unfortunately, not all services (or service providers) are created equal. From security issues to bugs in the smart contract software, costs can quickly escalate out of control.

Whether you’re looking for a smart contract generator or a turnkey crowdfunding platform to help you get your business off the ground, make sure that your provider offers the “three C’s for success”: contract security, crowdfunding experience, and customer support.

Contract Security

There’s no downplaying the importance of a smart…

Start with the basics — no one is going to support your project if they don’t know about it

How to Create a Marketing Campaign for a Token Crowdsale (Etherparty, 2018).

It’s the dirty little secret of the blockchain world — marketing is crucial to the success of any token crowdsale. Yes, that’s right. It’s not enough to just have a great product and an experienced team. Simply put, no one is going to support your project if they don’t know about it.

That’s why it’s essential to think about how you will market your product and token crowdsale early on. Consider the following four elements to build a successful marketing campaign.

1. Define Your Objectives

Your marketing objectives should support the overall company objective. …

Visit etherparty.com/products for more information on projects underway, and sign-up for our company newsletter to receive upcoming updates and announcements.

It’s HODL time!

For the uninitiated, ‘HODL’ is a term derived from a misspelling of “hold” and it refers to a buy-and-hold strategy in the context of bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies.

Why does this matter? Well, after recently crossing a major milestone in the launch of Rocket, our user-friendly token crowdsale platform, we’re now arriving at the precipice of another marker: Team allocations of FUEL tokens!

These are FUEL tokens that have been locked away by the smart contract that governed our token crowdsale, which wrapped up at the end of October. Official details of this payout is stated in…

Developing this foundational document is the first step to launching a successful crypto-crowdfund

No matter what kind of blockchain project you want to develop, chances are, you’ll need a whitepaper. But what exactly is a whitepaper — and why is this document so important in the blockchain world?

More Than Marketing Fluff

According to Techopedia, a whitepaper is “an authoritative guide or report that explains the benefits of a particular technology, product, or policy.” Given the new and fast-changing nature of blockchain technology, anyone looking to launch a blockchain project will need to clearly explain how and why it will be used.

Essentially, a whitepaper should answer the key question that any potential contributor will ask —…

10 Steps to Launch Your Token Crowdsale Infographic (Etherparty, 2018)

Feeling overwhelmed by your blockchain project? You’re not alone. Spend a few minutes on sites such as ICOBench or CoinMarketCap and you’ll see that more companies are wading into the world of crowdsales and cryptocurrency every day. Even traditional venture capital companies like Bain, Andreessen Horowitz, and Lightspeed have jumped on the bandwagon, participating in token sales for the first time this year (raising $133 million for Basis earlier this year, for example).

Researching the tactics and strategies of successful crowdsales can be useful, but simply following in someone else’s footsteps does not necessarily guarantee your success. …

What is really involved in a token crowdsale — and where can you save on expenses without sacrificing the success of your project?

Interested in launching your own cryptocurrency and crowdfunding campaign? Discover how at rocket.etherparty.com. (Credit: Rocket image)

Launching a token crowdsale can be intimidating. Whether or not you are familiar with the world of blockchain, there are a lot of factors to consider before diving into a token crowdsale. One of the first considerations should be how much the process will cost — and whether you can afford it.

Unfortunately, most start-ups hugely underestimate the amount of time and money required to launch a successful token crowdsale. Founders are more likely to focus on the positives — the potential to find a worldwide base of supportive contributors and raise funds without losing equity.

In our recent interviews…

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“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do” — Steve Jobs.

Tech founders looking to launch a token sale would be wise to take the advice from the late Steve Jobs. To paraphrase the former Apple CEO, building a successful blockchain business requires a great degree of skill and expertise — and it’s unlikely you can do it all on your own.

If you’re looking to launch a token crowdsale to find supporters for your blockchain project, you need to consider filling…

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