Etherparty and Polymath Combine Forces

News Release

VANCOUVER, Canada, November 30, 2017 — Etherparty Smart Contracts, a platform to simplify smart contract creation, will serve as a strategic partner and smart contract provider option to both the Polymath team and Polymath network. Both Polymath and Etherparty agree on one fundamental aspect of blockchain — although the technology is complex, it can be simplified.

As a smart contract creation tool, Etherparty allows users to create smart contracts on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain. The Vancouver-based smart contract firm has developed valuable relationships in the blockchain space for consulting, communicating with and developing on behalf of smart contract-driven businesses.

Polymath gains access through this partnership to Etherparty’s executive team, which has already helped shape the future of many blockchain projects in Canada and abroad. Etherparty has also secured partnerships with digital currency and token wallet Jaxx, based out of Toronto, Canada.

“Partnerships such as this one will help the expansion of blockchain technology all over the world,” said Etherparty CEO Kevin Hobbs.

“We are always pleased to work with outstanding blockchain projects such as Polymath, commented Founder, Lisa Cheng.“Etherparty Smart Contracts and Polymath are already actively working together to expand the growing token economy, in the form of legally-minded solutions, both in Canada and abroad.”

“The ability for smart contract developers to access Polymath templates can help form the basis of securities offerings for business of all sizes,” says Polymath co-founder Chris Housser. “Simplifying this process could open up opportunities for all local businesses.”

Polymath CEO Trevor Koverko added: “There are new and creative ways to execute smart contracts, and Etherparty is on the cutting edge. The company’s unique approach to implementing smart contracts on both Ethereum and Bitcoin is exactly the sort of creative thinking the industry needs to issue compliant tokens.”

While Polymath leverages Etherparty’s smart contract expertise, Etherparty gains stronger connections to the securitized token market.

About Etherparty

Etherparty is a contract wizard that removes the complexity of creating, managing, and executing smart contracts on multiple blockchains. The platform allows users with zero knowledge of smart contract programming to create an enforceable, self-executing digital agreement for all types of transactions.


Polymath is an interface between financial securities and the blockchain, simplifying the process for issuers to overcome the complex technical and legal challenges of a successful token launch.

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