EtherSport ICO Is In Full Steam

The EtherSport ICO is taking place right now! Don’t miss your chance to obtain ESC tokens for the last discounted price of 0.0017 ETH right now. Visit and press BUY ESC TOKENS to get started. This is the 3rd ICO stage, and the next one will offer your ESC tokens for their full price of 0.002 ETH, so don’t waste your time!

The EtherSport MVP will be rolled out on the test network in the beginning of this December, to provide everyone with a hand-on experience of our Lottery 11, a revolutionary type of transparent decentralized lottery, based on sports events results.

In Lottery 11, a Lotter publishes a line of 11 unrelated events to the network — a lottery ticket, which is a bet. Each lottery ticket is limited by time and contains events that all start almost at the same time (60 minutes difference is allowed) and last the next 3 hours. We keep 1 hour of buffer time in case of delays at some events. By the end of event, the results will be processed by EtherSport system and jackpot will be raffled off.

Each event has three (in some cases two) ways of outcome: 1st team wins, draw or 2nd team wins. In some sports (like tennis), the draw is not possible — in this case, the event has only two variants of outcome, win of the first or win of the second team. Players buy lottery tickets for internal ESC tokens. The cost of each lottery ticket is equivalent to $1 and displayed in ETH, the value of which will constantly differ depending on the ETH/USD rate. Players fill it in and confirm the ticket by sending it to the blockchain.

Join EtherSport ICO to take part in a completely new product.
 Read the white paper:

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