EtherSport Starts The Prize-Winning Testing

Dear EtherSport community,

Just as planned, EtherSport is starting the prize-winning test lottery period from 00:00 UTC on 17th December 2017. We have allocated 10,000 ESC tokens for this two-month test lottery period, which will be divided into one-month periods. Each period, there will be three winners, eligible for 3000 ESC for the 1st place, 1500 ESC for the 2nd, and 500 ESC for 3rd place.

Each lottery has free tickets, and wins give players the points. A player who correctly predicts the outcome of 7 events in a line, will receive 1 point, 8 events will give 2 points, 9 guessed sports events will make players eligible for 3 points, 10 events for 5 points and 11 events will give players 8 points. Amount of collected points and results of all events will be published on the platform, at All lines before 00:00 UTC on 17th December 2017 will be annulated and not rewarded with points.

In case of a delayed or canceled event or an erroneous event in the line, the result of such match will be published as a draw (X). If the sport doesn’t allow draws, the event will be marked as the victory of the 1st team. This condition is required by the smart contract for faster determination of results and to keep 11 events in a line instead of making smaller lines, for keeping the chances equal for all lottery participants.

Each EtherSport player has an ability to play no more than 5 lines daily (in an exact 24-hour period) during the testing period to equate the chances of a win. This will be re-checked during the calculation of test period rewards using both login and IP data, and all violators will be excluded from the rewarding list.

EtherSport will keep the right to make changes to the site and game process during the testing period for the sake of tweaking it to the best possible outcome for all players, with keeping the sports events results and the achieved points without any changes by EtherSport. Thus, the most updated rules will be posted in this exact Medium story.

Once the testing period is over, we will contact the winners via the email indicated during the sign-up process and will ask to provide their wallet addresses for token allocation.

Enjoy sports events and best luck in winning with EtherSport!