Hello everyone!

We are glad to announce that we have finally completed our token distribution. Discussions with a number of exchanges are still on-going and we will announce updates as soon as we have them.

It was a very hectic time as a few of our members required extensive support…

The key speakers of the international conference to be held in Geneva on February 21 will be experts from Switzerland. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland is dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and investments in digital assets. It is will be attended by more than 300 participants from different countries.

Legislative regulation…

Blockchain has transformed the digital world and provided users with solutions that seemed impossible otherwise. When a project is built on this transparent distributed ledger technology, it gives users exactly what they want: equal opportunities.

Etherty was created with the same concept — to allow users to become a part of a platform where their voices will be heard. Through Etherty, users will be able to buy, sell or trade global properties on the Etherty Trading Platform (ETP). Focusing on customer satisfaction is extremely important…


Crowd-sale & Trading of Global Properties

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