The CC0 Discussion

Important License Announcement

As you know, we had proposed a CC0 license (Public-Domain) for the project originally. However, the recent partnership agreement with Block::Block gives a new dimension to everything we are working on (Crypto Geisha + Super Geisha).

Paths and opportunities never thought of before could now be a more beneficial option for owners in the face of the unknown terrain that CC0 creates long term. You are the most important thing though, and we want you to participate in this.

This is what we’ve decided: We will launch with a standard NFT license. (To be viewable on the website)

We will then have thoughtful discussions during town hall meetings with the community and other experts about the different license types, including CC0.

90 days after launch, the holders will be able to vote on the type of license we want for the project in the long term. This gives us time to work on the objectives that we believe will be most beneficial for the entire community, without rushing, while we see how the collection evolves. Holders will have the ultimate say.

We hope this makes sense and can’t wait to begin this Geisha filled journey with you!



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