In one week before the Spring Festival holiday, EtherZero officially launched a sharding-preheating stake program, which can be attended by the discovery page of EasyETZ, the official wallet. Although after the, the Spring Festival holiday arrived soon, but the current potential participants for this plan has exceeded 20 million etz.

According to the technical layout of EtherZero, the main goal of 2020 is to achieve a major breakthrough in tps through sharding technology. The goal of sharding is to reach linear expansion, which means that the tps of the public chain can grow linearly as the number of nodes increases…


It has been nearly one and a half years since EtherZero switched from PoW consensus to MPoS consensus mechanism, that is, EtherZero 2.0 went online. After continuous technical optimization, the stability of network consensus services and transaction processing capabilities have been greatly improved. Looking at the development trend of blockchain technology in the next 3 to 5 years, scalability is still the most important task in community work.

EtherZero 3.0 plans to seek higher scalability through the masternode sharding scheme on top of the main chain that already has high scalability, and for some specific services, such as games…


1. Continue the study of the EtherZero-masternode fragmentation, and determine the screening mechanism (screening period and random number scheme) of the committee members in the existing masternode network.

2. Begin to study the communication mechanism between the masternode fragments and the final confirmation mechanism of the transactions in the fragmented blocks.

3. Start to study the feasibility of the scheme of interworking between EtherZero data and IPFS network.

4. Explore the stability of the outbound time of the existing EtherZero network and further improve the technical solution of TPS.

Project Progress

The “Phoenix Legend”, a large-scale development game based on the EtherZero…

EtherZero Global Community Users:

According to the original plan of the development of the EtherZero technology, the height of the upgraded block of the EtherZero main network is finally set at 22613000.

The estimated upgrade time is (Beijing time): August 19, 2019 20:00 — August 20, 2019 8:00

Upgrade time and notes:

1. During the upgrade period, the exchanges will close the deposit and withdraw function and will reopen after the upgrade is completed;

2. During the upgrade, please do not send any transactions on the chain. If the transaction occurs during the upgrade, it will be rolled back after the upgrade.

Thank you for your support.

EtherZero Foundation

August 19th , 2019

EtherZero Global Community Users:

EtherZero Network have celebrated its first anniversary of releasement of MPoS consensus mechanism on 3th, August, 2019. Time verified the superiority of the main network and the feasibility of MPoS. We will continue to implement the MPoS consensus mechanism.

Meanwhile, we have achieved great progress in the technical scheme for Masternode Sharding The EtherZero Network will add BLS Signature Attestations to the existing block structure to lay a solid foundation for subsequent complete Masternode Sharding. The upgrade is as follows:

New Content: 1. Add the BLS Signature Module to perform BFT signature in the Shard Chain…

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Welcome to the official EtherZero online interview community about the ZeroPlan. Today, we are honored to invite Evgeny Egorov, the EtherZero Russian Community Header, to act as the host of this interview, and Ryan Chen, the co-founder and marketing director of EtherZero, to act as the guest of the interview.

The EtherZero Community consists from all kind of members are interested at any activity and participation in the EtherZero projects — the owners of masternodes, traders, DApp developers and developers of industrial solutions, investors, business representatives, partners, etc.

Russian EtherZero Community is a local center…

On July 15th, 2019, the number of EtherZero masternode officially broke through 1000, and the number of locked coins reached 20 million, accounting for 10% of the circulation. At this point, the upgrade from the EtherZero network consensus mechanism for nearly a year. During the year, EtherZero was upgraded from the original POW mechanism to the unique MPOS mechanism. The masternodes from 0 to 1 to 100, and today to 1000, experience prove the feasibility of MPOS. The consensus mechanism makes the EtherZero main network more decentralized, more stable, fair and efficient.

Technological progress

1. Release the v2.1.7 version to the test network, and perform stress testing and test problem repair;
2. Optimize the masternode selection mechanism, speed up the contract reading speed and reduce the block packing time;
3. Continue the research on the primary node fragmentation and continue the scheme exploration of the cross-chip communication part between the primary nodes;

Project Progress

1. On July 2nd, the Asian Blockchain Summit was held in Taipei in 2019. The ETZ was unveiled at the summit and co-sponsored the Asia Blockchain Official After Party. …

Technological progress

1. Fix the problem of full synchronization failure;
2. Submit the internal test version of tmp_v2.1.5 into the internal testing phase;
3. Increase the mining delay time in the consensus and reduce the probability of produce same block in the network;
4. Study the application of the verifiable delay function in the EtherZero network, mainly the election part of the masternodes;
5. In-depth study and exploration of the technical specifications of the master node fragmentation implementation.

Project Progress

In order to increase the liquidity of EtherZero, ETZ is about to list on the exchange, which is strategically invested by Bitcoin China.

Technological progress

1. Fix the block error when the node is fully synchronized.

2. Start designing the masternode shard Staking contract.

3. Continue the masternode segmentation network layer code prototype, and refer to the Ethereum Beacon Chain design specification for code implementation.

Project Progress

1. On April 23rd, the “2019 Asian blockchain life” blockchain conference was held in Singapore. EtherZero team was unveiled at the show,William, Chairman of the EtherZero Community Foundation, and Evgeny Egorov, ETZ russian community representative, and ETZ official comminty representative Alex attended the exhibition.

At the meeting, Evgeny Egorov, head of the EtherZero Russian community, accepted a US media interview…


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