ADAB Solutions and EtherZero Strategic Partnership Agreement

Nov 29, 2018 · 3 min read

Representatives of Adab Solutions (developer of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange) and EtherZero Foundation Community held a business meeting at the Blockchain Life 2018 conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia, November 7, and agreed about strategic partnerships between the companies.

Alexander Mamasidikiv, Marketing Director, ADAB Solutions, and Evgeny Egorov, leader of Russian EtherZero Community

ADAB Solutions is owner and developer of FICEFirst Islamic Crypto Exchange — marketplace working within Islamic Finance principles. The team is handling the task of compliance crypto assets with Islamic religious and cultural values, building a platform for not only Muslims, but for the entire world.

Collaboration with EtherZero is important step toward creating ADAB Solutions platform for crypto assets managing.

ADAB is planning to draw millions of investors who never worked with crypto currencies before and just were watching the process from the aside. It will benefit crypto world in particular and move forward whole Islamic world.

ADAB Solutions project will be both a conductor for Muslims to cryptocurrencies world and a market space for halal-focused products developing.

Any projects must be approved by Shariah Advisory Board

EtherZero is new generation platform for complex and scalable smart-contracts deploying in positive environment — there is no commissions for transactions, 1.400+ TPS current speed with 10.000 TPS forecasts.

EtherZero team is making lot of researches in blockchain industry and keens on best and safest DAapp platform creation. Masternodes network was started based on MPOS protocol in August 2018. More than 500 Masternodes already work and average block forming time now is 2 seconds.

It terms of strategy ETZ aims toward spreading into masses new solutions based on blockchain technologies and smart contracts, which will lead to new possibilities for people of the future.

From the words of Alexander Mamasidikov, Marketing Director ADAB Solutions: “This partnership gives both companies opportunity to extend their presence in crypto currencies world. EtherZero is pioneer in this industry, same as ADAB and we are sure that EtherZero is right partner for our expansion in smart-contracts development and deployment area. Partnership statement is important step ahead to innovative, transparent and respectful company”.

Evgeny Egorov, Russian EtherZero Community leader, noted: “We always seek a transparency and close collaboration with our partners and investors. ADAB partnership even further accents universal human values. Crypto industry is very risky and high intelligent business which demands special attention and discretion. And strong partnership here is a key to longtime success”.

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