Annoncement on highly imitated game “Zero Mine Crystal”

Respected users :

Recently, the EtherZero official received a large number of users to reflect that there is a mining game called “Zero Mine Crystal” on the market. Its game name, game screen, game play design, contact information, etc. “Super Mine Game” and “Zero Mine Area” are highly similar, causing users to mistakenly believe this game is ETZ official new game, and some users have already initiated the transfer of money to the high-imitation game smart contract address.

For “Zero Mine Crystal”, EtherZero official made the following explanation:

1. EtherZero official has never released, and has never authorized a third party to publish the “Zero Mine Crystal” game;

2. The highly imitated game “Zero Mine Crystal” game may have risks such as fraud, running, etc., users should be vigilant, beware of being deceived;

3. The operator of Zero Mine Crystal should immediately stop the development and promotion of the game and contact the EtherZero official as soon as possible to make corresponding explanations;

4. For the behavior of “Zero Mine Crystal” operator 1:1 copying “Zero Super Mine” and “Zero Mine Area”, if it is suspected of breaking the law, we will pursue its legal responsibility according to law.

The ETZ team always focuses on the interests of the community users. At the same time, we also welcome all developers to come to the EtherZero public chain for cooperative development.

Attached: Ether Zero Official Certification Game

  1. “Zero Super Mine”, the only recharge address of the game is: 0x7045eb62e92f5110dd50ba0fdff3e41ec90f53c1
  2. “Zero Mine Zone”, this game is a free mining game.
  3. If you have any questions, please contact the official customer service,

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 EtherZero Foundation
 November 28, 2018