Deeply Cultivating The Blockchain Market in Northeast Asia, EtherZero South Korea Inspection Tour

In January of this year, EtherZero was launched on the first largest exchange in South Korea, bithumb. The first day of trading was a high of 400 million yuan, breaking bithumb’s transaction record of newly launched coin in the past year. Since then, the popularity of EtherZero in South Korea has grown, and many community fans are looking forward to meet Ether Zero team closely.

On March 19th, invited by a domestic head trading platform, EtherZero participated in the Korean blockchain activities organized by this trading platform. EtherZero Vice President Ben and EtherZero Marketing Director Ryan went to visit together.

South Korea has a positive blockchain development policy and a large number of blockchain users. The openness of the Korean secondary market and the multi-scene application of digital currency have created a good environment for blockchain growth in Korea.

The South Korean blockchain market tour is of great significance. On the one hand, it is to further explore the Korean market for the EtherZero, and on the other hand, it can promote exchanges within the industry, and cooperate with the head trading platform and quality projects to exchange development experience.

On the first day of the tour, they visited the most famous blockchain industry companies (organizations) in Korea, such as BitMan, TokenMan Exchange, FoundationX, and Hahm Shout, etc, which are the largest blockchain community in Korea.

BitMan, the largest community in South Korea’s blockchain, has a website traffic of 80 million. It has provided services to many well-known blockchain projects in Korea, EtherZero will further engage with this community in the future. It will promote the roadshow and market activities of EtherZero in Korea.

Recently, the digital asset issuance method has enabled many trading platforms to imitate. TokenMan is a platform for South Korea to focus on issuing digital assets for blockchain projects. The most popular project in the near future is Ankr, which is based on the TokenMan professional marketing strategy, become a hit in South Korea.

FoundationX is a subsidiary of FuturePlay Korea, which has cultivated more than 70 start-ups in the past four years and is a representative incubator industry in Korea. FoundationX specializes in the investment and incubation of blockchains, and discovers and invests in blockchain technology startups to provide comprehensive development support.

Hahmshout is one of the most famous advertising companies in Korea. It provides excellent advertising services for many international large companies to enter the Korean market, including Coca-Cola, Honda, Dyson, PUMA and other groups. Through the communication with Hahmshout, we learned about the habits and marketing methods in South Korea clearer and laid the foundation for the market development of EtherZero.

At the financial yachting event held in the evening, Ryan and Ben participated in more than 20 exchanges and many leaders of the Korean blockchain industry to discuss topics such as blockchain technology security and financial innovation. At the same time, it reached preliminary cooperation intentions with more than 20 communities and Youtube.

South Korea’s blockchain market tour, is an important station for the expansion of the Northeast Asian market, and conducts in-depth research around the upstream and downstream industries such as exchanges, capitalists, large communities, media, marketing companies, etc, and pave the way for the future market development of EtherZero.

Ben, vice president of EtherZero, believes that many governments in Northeast Asia have friendly policies on blockchain development and have huge market potential. Not only South Korea, but also Japan will also be the priority of EtherZero market development. We believe that EtherZero will soon meet users in these countries.