EtherZero community members gather in Hong Kong to talk about technology and community development

Yesterday, Evgeny, head of the EtherZero Russian community, and William Chia, head of the ETZ Singapore community, visited the Shenzhen Office of EtherZero and had an in-depth discussion with the team leader. Then the group went to Hong Kong to meet with the EtherZero community consultant Dr. Colin Lee and held a conference on the application of blockchain technology in Hong Kong BITWORK.

Dr. Li and Evgeny

Dr. Colin Lee, Chairman of the EtherZero Community Consultant and Chairman of the Hong Kong Blockchain Analyst Association, has many years of experience in the blockchain industry. Dr. Li analyzed the current development status of the current blockchain industry from multiple dimensions, and combined with the strategic plan of EtherZero. EtherZero put forward a lot of construction opinions, including the application of blockchain patent technology, etc., and proposed a plan to provide blockchain application services for more than 100 enterprises.

Evgeny shared his experience in the blockchain industry and his views on the construction of the EtherZero

Evgeny, the head of the Russian community, is a successful entrepreneur. At the same time, he has a special liking for blockchain technology and ethericity. Since the date of its connection with EtherZero, it has spawned the idea of ​​establishing an EtherZero community in Russia and even in Eastern Europe. In the past six months, under the leadership of Evgeny, the ETZ European community has emerged from establishment to stabilization and growth. ETZ has appeared at several Russian blockchain conferences, including the recent Russian Internet Week, the Belarusian DAPP Developers Conference, etc. 
Today, EtherZero has a great influence in the blockchain industry in Eastern Europe and has attracted many fans and users.

Based on the advantages of instant payment, 0 handling fee, and thousand TPS, many DAPP developers have set up application development on the EtherZero chain, a blockchain VR game called iZX, which recently announced the game. Move to the EtherZero public chain and add another member to the EtherZero DAPP ecosystem.

At the end of the meeting, the communities reached a consensus. The communities will focus on building the EtherZero DAPP ecosystem, and at the same time increase the promotion of EtherZero in all regions to influence more users and enterprises.