EtherZero development engineer SU Xianhua explains XDAG technology

December 20, Academy of Chains, Hiblock and Mavericks New Energy co-hosted the sixth lecture of Shenzhen Blockchain Technology Workshop in Science and Technology Park, Shenzhen, China. This lecture is sponsored by EtherZero and the other four units. Senior technical engineer SU Xianhua was invited as the guest speaker to share the theme of Bitcoin XDAG in DAG Technology.

This sharing session is the sixth phase of the blockchain technology workshop. It is also the third time for EtherZero to participate in the sharing. The first guest speaker was Rolong, the CTO of EtherZeroin, he shared lectures on the theme of “Deep Exploration of Ethereum Smart Contract” and “the achievement of Ethereum by zero handing fee and security defense ”.

MR SU Xianhua has 12 years of experience in program development, including 7 years of development experience in finance, payment and settlement. He used to be a senior engineer in Tencent’s payment department. He is currently working on the EtherZero development team, and his research and development direction is block diagram DAG and blockchain anonymity.

In this sharing session, SU Xianhua first described the current status of blockchain technology and the development status of DAG public chain, then followed by a deep description of DAG technology for Bitcoin XDAG and XDAG’s technical practice. At the end, he faced the future challenges of XDAG technology and made some predictions on it.

Presently, EtherZero has a unique position in the entire public chain market due to its ZERO TX FEE and instant transaction characteristics. The exploration of DAG technology in EtherZero can make the whole public chain move to a higher TPS and better performance. At the same time, EtherZero is currently developing significantly in DAPP development, and several DAPPs are being released. Buy at a low price at this moment it will be higher later. EtherZero to the moon , and tomorrow is even better!