EtherZero has reached a cooperation with the Russian blockchain game IZX

Nov 30, 2018 · 2 min read

On November 19–23, 2018, the ETZ team went to Moscow to participate in the Russian Internet Week, which was an Internet event in Russia and Eastern Europe. EtherZero performed greatly at the blockchain topic CryptoEvent RIW conference, attracting many developers.

On November 23, the Russian blockchain game IZX reached an agreement with EtherZero. Alexey Zagainov, the head of the IZX project, has announced a partnership with EtherZero in the official channels of Twitter, Facebook, and Medium.

IZX was originally a VR game based on Ethereum. After learning about the EtherZero handling fee and real-time trading, TPS reached 1400 and decided to transfer the project to the EtherZero chain.

The gameplay of IZX is a screenshot of the player capturing the yellow token of IZX. When the player shows that the player and TOKEN are within 10 meters, the screenshot can be taken. When the screenshot is successful, the TOKEN can be obtained. After the player gets TOKEN, they can become an advertiser in this game, that is, they can advertise or sell advertising space. Therefore, in essence, IZX is a decentralized advertising distribution platform that combines virtual reality gameplay.

IZX currently has more than 40,000 users. It is believed that with the combination of IXZ and EtherZero, the impact of EtherZero in Russia and Eastern Europe will be further expanded. We look forward to a bigger explosion in the DAPP game with the EtherZero public chain!

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