EtherZero in Vietnam Blockchain Day openned a next Southeast Asia market

On December 16. The Blockchain Day conference hosted by Bigcoin Capital, Vietnam’s largest blockchain venture capital firm was held in Hanoi Vietnam with a flash of ecstasy at the conference.

Vietnam Blockchain Day Conference included hundreds of blockchain and financial experts from more than 10 countries around the world. More than 1,000 participants attended the conference and discussed the hot topics in the blockchain industry.

The conference included guest speeches, round-table discussions and project exhibitions. The topics covered includ STO, financing, blockchain policies, technology development, and so on. Among them, Ryan and MIA participated in the meeting.

Ryan first shared the development status of the blockchain and industry insights, and then led to the ETZ project.

He said to compared EtherZero to the traditional public chain, we’ve greatly improved The underlying technology and user experience. Among them, the new functions such as 0 tx fee, high scalability, instant payment and 1400 TPS realized for the first time which will be higher in the future, this value will reach ten thousands of levels or more.

At the same time, EtherZero improved the consensus mechanism and created Masternode+POS (hereinafter referred as MPOS mechanism), which highly balanced the blockchain impossible triangle (fair, efficient, decentralized incompatibility) also created MN rewards with 9 million tokens per year, in the economic perspective, EtherZero has been recognized by both the industry and the market. At present, there are already 7 DAPP developers launching applications on the EtherZero public chain, and there are more than a dozen application scenarios based on it.

After the meeting, the team contacted several project parties in Vietnam, including Vietnam’s largest digital asset trading platform, EtherZero intends to open the emerging blockchain market and market transactions.

Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula, with an estimated 94.6 million in habitants. In recent years, Vietnam’s economy has developed rapidly. The industries of science and technology, finance, real estate and other industries have developed rapidly. The GDP growth rate once ranked first in Southeast Asia. Vietnam has attracted more and more foreign investment with its open and inclusive policies. Entering, the blockchain has gradually become an indispensable part of its technological development, and the market potential is huge. EtherZero chosing Vietnam as the last station in 2018 is global strategic and it has extremely important strategic significance.

Since 2018, EtherZero global market strategy has allowed EtherZero to establish communities in more than a dozen countries, from the United States to Russia, Singapore to South Korea, and Ukraine to Vietnam. Ether Zero is steadily developing and marches step by step with public chain core technology, DAPP developments and community support, he constantly expands the market around the world, promoting the use of the EtherZero in more industries, he’s realizing economic and practical value.