EtherZero shines on Shenzhen Blockchain Technology Workshop!

Dec 4, 2018 · 3 min read

On the evening of November 22, 2018, from 7:00 to 9:30, the second session of the Shenzhen Blockchain Technology Workshop was held as scheduled. The sharing guests of this conference are EtherZero Technical Director Rolong (Zhong Ruixian).

The Shenzhen Blockchain Technology Workshop is jointly sponsored by Denghuan College, Hiblock and Mavericks New Energy. It is jointly sponsored by EtherZero and Qutum, FIBOS, HPB and Ackblock.

Shenzhen Blockchain Technology Workshop is a technical alliance of the blockchain industry in Shenzhen and an important force for cultivating blockchain technical talents in Shenzhen. The technical workshop aims to condense the developers of Shenzhen and explore and cultivate blockchain talents. The technical workshop is organized in such a way that an excellent blockchain project is selected each week, and its technical leaders share their personal experience and insights on blockchain technology.

The sharing session of EtherZero Technical Director Rolong is the second phase of the technical workshop. The conference is attended by about 50 people. Most of them are from the developers of various blockchain projects in Shenzhen, and also from the developers of the blockchain project team in Tencent, etc.

The theme of this sharing session is “Deep Exploration of Ethereum Smart Contracts”. Rolong introduces the Ethereum account, the encoding rules of the transaction data field, the index and storage of the smart contract attributes, and the pre-compiled contract introduction and assembly calling methods. A perspective on his experience in developing Ethereum smart contracts.

The sharing session was full of practical knowledge, and the Q&A session after the end of the sharing triggered a hot question. Everyone has an in-depth discussion on the details of Ethereum’s smart contract development.

In addition, the EtherZero chain with its zero commission, timely trading, TPS up to 1400 and other characteristics, caused a great interest of some developers on the scene. In the future, with the implementation of each phase of the blockchain technology workshop, it is believed that the popularity of the EtherZero in the developer community will become higher and higher. We expect more developers to enter the EtherZero public chain, create DAPP, and enrich the ecosystem of the EtherZero public chain. EtherZero will also continue to improve the level of public chain technology to achieve a faster and better user experience!


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