【Official Announcement 】EtherZero Weekly News 2018.12.24–2019.1.6

Technological progress

EtherZero Geth Releases Version 2.0.5

update content:
Optimized the P2P node discovery algorithm, improved network stability, and shortened the block time to 1 to 1.5 seconds.
Solved the problem that the main node has too low or no revenue
Optimized node operation efficiency and reduced CPU and memory consumption
Support the mine parameter in the startup command
Support Golang 1.11.4


It solves the problem that the masternode new selection algorithm cannot pass the block verification when other nodes are in the synchronization state.
Optimize the code of the mining part to reduce the problem of heavy blocks
Stress testing in the new node selection algorithm test network


Mobile App Wallet supports DApp features in further improvement and testing


The digital currency exchange of the EtherZero Foundation strategic investment — a large number of coins, the public beta version officially launched in January. At present, the currency has received a total of 8 institutional strategic investments.

Website: www.bddfinex.com

The EtherZero Coin World Overseas Edition coinness wishs everyone a happy new year, and after registration you can join airdrop activities.

Project promotion

EtherZero Community Benefits: Sign-in points, prizes, and year-end party.

During the Christmas period, EtherZero opened the activity of “playing games and taking gifts” in the community. The event sent tens of thousands of ETZ coins.

During the Christmas period, the EtherZero United Bit Rabbit Exchange opened the warm heart Christmas event and played the game to receive ETZ coins.

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