【Official Announcement 】EtherZero Weekly News 2018.9.3 -2018.9.9

Technical progress


The masternode releases v2.0.4 version, which supports fast synchronization, and can greatly reduce disk space and synchronization time.


Optimize the time selection algorithm of the masternode system block and develop the code.

Project cooperation

On September 6th, O2O Pay, a cross-border electricity supplier in Korea, once again came to discuss the cooperation of EtherZero. This time, the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation) was signed between O2O Pay and EtherZero to provide the underlying public chain technology for the development of the project. Chairman Dustin Kang and CTO Soon Ho Ock asked in detail about the technology details of the EtherZero public chain, including block generation speed, TPS arrival, and the power mechanism in zero handling fees.

On the basis of defining the cooperation content and the cooperation time node, EtherZero and O2O Pay signed MOU. This cooperation will bring the sharing of market resources between China and Korea, and take a big step for EtherZero to expand the Korean market.

An international well-known exchange business team visited the EtherZero. The exchange is looking for good project partners to launch the Global 100 Partnership Program and is looking forward to working with EtherZero.

Community activities

This week, EtherZero set up a new operation center in Futian, Shenzhen, as the EtherZero incubation project operation team.

Media promotion

Chain Xun Finance and Economics in its fourth weekly, in the form of the first weekly article on the EtherZero masternode conducted in-depth reports, the article in Chain Xun Finance and Economics readership and EtherZero fans widely disseminated.


The EtherZero team recruitment plan:

We are looking for two front-end developers (one for Android and one for IOS each) and one back-end developer, who are technicians with experience in developing short video apps.

EtherZero team welcomes like-minded friends to join us, we look forward to the early implementation of the landing and blossom of the application, resume please send to email: support@etherzero.org