To be a ETZ masternode and win your passive rewards everyday!

Masternodes is magical, it can bring you passive income. It is like you are sitting on your sofa, or even maybe lying on your bed, and money would just come straight to your wallet! Isn’t it amazing?

There are more ways to earn money with cryptocurrencies than just buying coins and hoping they go up in value. There’s also mining coins, which people can participate in for relatively low investment by joining a mining pool.

However not everyone is fimilar with Mining pool and mining machine. Some people are just pure investors and knowing nothing about Mining and code and everything.

ETZ masternode got a solution. (EtherZero official website)

The way it runs is really simple, what you need is 20000ETZ+ a simple server, if you don’t know how to choose or set up a server, you are welcome to contact ETZ support for help.:)

So, what can you get as your return?

You can share up to 9 million ETZ rewards with all masternodes per year!

Your daily awards can get much higher if you join sooner, as there are lesser masternodes, there are more income for each one. Below is one example:

So if I see this essay, I won’t miss the chance to invest ETZ masternodes, for its price increases 4 times on October!

ETZ team is doing their marketing and promotion with all their effort as well, they attend lots of conference all over the world, including Minsk and Moscow:

We also know that they got fans from all over the world to support ETZ loyally!

Joinning the ETZ masternode family doesn’t mean that you only invested some cryptocurrency, you also got family and support! You also got the right to vote and be a supervisor of EtherZero! If you have enough amount ETZ masternodes, you can get to decide the future direction of ETZ, to be brighter future, of course!

For example, the Moscow event we are about to attend is thanks to the power of ETZ masternodes family:

With all these benefits, I suppose you are eager to buy a masternode now!

You can go to, if you got any question, you are welcome to contact telegram @ETZ001.

ETZ masternode family, we are here for you.

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