Sales Event #3: SF Baykeeper

EthiCAL Apparel
Oct 31, 2019 · 2 min read

To come to the aid of water conservation, one of our two social good initiatives for this fall, we decided to partner with the SF Baykeeper for our third sales event of the semester!

Designed by Nada Lamie

One of more than 300 waterkeeper organizations around the world, the SF Baykeeper was founded to reverse the environmental degradation of the past through new innovative strategies and policies focused around protecting the water quality of the greater San Francisco Bay. Using advocacy, water quality monitoring and science, on-the-water patrols, public education and, when necessary, legal action, they are dedicated to tackling the greatest threats to the Bay and its wildlife.

Throughout its long years of service, the SF Baykeeper has accomplished much ranging from the local level with cleanups of refineries, coal facilities, streets and more to the national level with state and federal court victories resulting in stricter regulation of pesticides, invasive species, mining and other pollutants. The organization is even recognized as a national leader in oil spill prevention and response and offers many services such as a confidential pollution hotline.

Compiled by Nada Lamie

EthiCAL is proud to have partnered with an organization as dedicated to water conservation as the SF Baykeeper. And to top everything off, our design team has been working tirelessly to premier a new line of stickers for our “Stuck in the Bay Sales Event” and it is safe to say that they were an absolute hit! Our new “Shiba in(u) Bush and Fish Delish” led the pack in sales and were all extremely well received! Through everyone’s hard work, we were able to donate 60% of the profits from our sales event to support their efforts in water conservation, a job well done!

Our new sticker launch! | Photo by James Hua

Author: Eric Liu| Editors: Sarah Roberts & Amy Oh | Graphics: Nada Lamie & James Hua (Marketing)| Team: Social Good

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