Batman: A case study for motivation

Lesser God

Far from it, Batman was always weak than strong. A human who went through tragedy to overcome his fear. His lack of superpowers to his faith in humanity and its extensions such as the justice system. When compared with the contemporaries such as Superman or Aquaman, Batman is nothing more than man rich in a fancy suit and armor. Whereas Superman and Aquaman are modeled after mythological characters such as Hercules and Achilles, Batman can be anyone of us. This is where we are able to connect with Batman, someone we can always aspire to be.


In one instance Dr. Destiny tells Batman “you don’t have any special powers” to which Batman says “Oh, I have one, johnny. I never give up.” Bane broke Batman’s back, Harvey destroyed his hope, Joker destroyed his spirit, Henri ducard broke him mentally, scarecrow broke his mind and Talia his heart. Batman has always lost before defeating his adversaries. Although it is more overcoming his shortcomings rather actually beating them. He understands that always he is fighting his own self, thus the controlled aggression rather than a volcanic eruption.

joking and being serious

Having a great adversary always helps to be a great superhero, an icon of pop culture and someone who sometimes overshadows the protagonist the Joker. What makes Joker so dangerous is the randomness of the crimes he commits, unlike for other criminals the end game for Joker is not material. His only goal is to make Batman break his only rule which is to kill, Joker himself. The joker and Batman are exact opposites of the same spectrum. One believes that if justice is not perfect then it is useless and the other that justice is all we have to better ourselves. Some might say as once said in the comics this is a “running gag”. This struggle represents our idealism and pragmatism when we respond to crunch situations, how we drop ideals for an easy way out. Batman never does this, always making sure that justice prevails over his own emotions.

Fighting fear with fear

It’s important to remember that Bruce Wayne himself was afraid of bats, he trains himself to let go of the childhood fear and turn his weakness into his greatest strength. This teaches us a lesson too about confronting our own fears in life. Instead of running away it, he makes a choice to embrace it, make it a part of his new identity. This teaches us that fear never defeats anyone or nor it truly can, all we need to do is fight back. This willpower and persistence are what we should learn from the dark knight. What defines Batman as a superhero is how we decide to define him, so his lack of superpower becomes for a lack of a better world his superpower.

We all are Batman

There was and always will be comparisons between Ironman and Batman, even here Batman wins hands down. It’s not the lifestyle, charm, the money or the toys but much simpler than that. Both had lost their parents to crime, the way they both responded to it shows their individual moral compass. While the Bruce Wayne lets the law takes its course and Ironman splits the Avengers in his blind rage. The personality of Bruce Wayne is the superpower of Batman, an attitude that anyone can have. That it is not the tragedy that defines us, but our reaction to it. It is important to note how Batman is always never angry, even to the criminals he generally deals with, After all

“We become what we hate” -Mahatma Gandhi.