Ethereum Meet Up at the Heart of Germany’s Banking City in Frankfurt

ETHLend at the Ethereum Meet Up held at the FinTech Headquarters at the heart of the banking industry in Germany: Frankfurt am Main. All the big players starting from Deutsche Bank, UBS, J.P. Morgan up to Goldman Sachs have offices here.

Ethereum Meet Up — Frankfurt Germany

Comparing to the first Meet Up, the number of participants increased noticeably, showing the growing interest in Block-chain and Ethereum-based applications. Most visitors were already familiar with Ethereum. Approximately half of the people had strong technical background, with some having experience in the programming language Solidity, that is used for coding Ethereum-based applications.

Sergej Stein, Financial Advisor at ETHLend, was introducing the participants to ETHLend. He started off with comparing the outdated centralized lending system that currently exists, to the many potentials of a decentralized lending system that ETHLend provides. He also presented the functions of the ETHLend DAPP. Finally, he was answering some interesting questions regarding regulation issues, the aim of the funding as well as some technical questions. Overall, we received a quite positive feedback.

Sergej Stein ETHLend Financial Advisor

The event started off with an introduction by Roman Kessler (FinTech Group), bringing up important news around Ethereum, Block-chain and ICOs. People discussed the flash crash in Ethereum, the hype around crypto currencies and the trend of upcoming ICOs. Even though some people criticized the occurrence of some ICOs, no one believes that the price of Ethereum is over hyped, according to the question asked by Roman Kessler.

The second speaker, Oliver Naegele (Blockchain Helix), did a live demonstration on “the next big use case on Block-chain”. He also presented their Digital Identity Platform, which is also Ethereum-based. Afterwards, Simon Dosch gave an introduction to Smart Contracts and Solidity. All in all, the Meet Up had interesting speakers and received positive feedback. ETHLend is aiming at further advancing the cooperation with the organizers, giving potentially more speeches on various topics around block-chain and decentralized lending.

For more information about ETHLend, read the full White Paper here.

Author: Sergej Stein

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