ETHLend participates this week In Blockchain Events in Dubai, Moscow, Bali, Paris Melbourne and Bangalore

Our roadshow continues to various cities around the globe! The Founder of ETHLend Stani Kulechov, Head of Token Sale Martin Wichmann and the Head of India Opinder Preet Singh are participating in the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE.

Additionally, Our Head of Management Jordan Gustave Lazaro is participating in TechFugees Summit in Paris, France. TechFugees creates technology projects to help refugees. Moreover, our Advisor Anastasija Plotnikova and Russian Local Advisors Philipp Vasilyev and Dias Alimbay are present in a Blockchain event in Moscow, Russia.

Our Financial Advisor Sergej Stein and Visual Designer Rowan Van Ginkel were invited to BlockBali to present ETHLend.

Meetups! Legal Advisor Adnan Javed is presenting a Keynote at Melbourne Ethereum Meetup on ETHLend, where over 60 people are expected to come. Opinder Preet Singh is also presenting ETHLend at Bangalore Cryptocurrency Meetup on this Saturday.

If you are around, do come and have a chat with us!

As usual, we will share all insights and the latest buzz on the community Telegram. Especially some great pictures!

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