ETHLend Telegram Reaches 600 Member Milestone and 4 New Local Groups

Local Communities on Telegram

Join our growing local communities! Our community members have created German, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Italian and Russian Telegram groups.

These local communities are a great way to mingle with other community members. Moreover, the General Telegram group has reached 600 members. Indeed, we are excited!

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Sergej Stein, Financial Advisor & German Community Contributor

¿Hablas español?
Nolvia Serrano, Media Correspodent and Spanish Community Contributor

Parli italiano?
Luca Cotta, Advisor and Italian Community Manager

Говорите по-русски?
Anastasija Plotnikova, Russian Advisor and Community Contributor

General Group of Over 600 Participants
Stani Kulechov, the Founder of ETHLend & Community Contributor

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