Carry on to help myself and maybe others?

So I have been going through quite a few things in the last few months which I just want to touch in a piece.

So a month or two ago I decided to go back into threapy, because I felt like I had kind of been deluding myself that I was fine with myself. My first few sessions have shown that I have made the right decision because I am not fine with myself. I have a lot of stuff, around how I feel about my world around me and how I remember how people treated me during that time. I still need to deal with in my own head nearly a year on from diagnosis. It doesn't really end right.

The other thing I am trying to do, to try and help myself deal with my own experience but also to help others. That has been through an involvement with the CLIC Sargent charity young people reference group. Which is a fantastic initiative, to give young people the opportunity to shape the policy of the charity. Today I have been down in London, meeting other young people with similar experience to myself engaging and having the chance to have my views and experience taken into account for the policy of a national organisation.

Hopefully going forward, being able to get to know this online community, which I hadnt really been exposed myself to until Jan will help me help other to help me.

#NoFilter :)