TCH Staking Project

#TCH #Thorecash Staking Live from 12–11–2018


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We have received Great demand from thousands of #TCH Holders across the world — Staking Project

Total 3000000 #TCH ERC20 Maximum (1st Phase)

Minimum 400 #TCH Maximum 10000 #TCH Per wallet allowed

The following staking periods are available to choose from to stake ThoreCash(TCH)-ERC20 on ThoreExchange

29 Days (15% Reward)

91 Days (42% Reward)

185 Days (79% Reward)

279 Days (120% Reward)

The longer you stake your #TCH the higher your staking factor(Reward) will be

We are officially announcing that everyone interested to participate early, thus staking the maximum possible number of #TCH Tokens is now able to proceed with providing us their details and final confirmation for them to get whitelisted

The door is open for everyone that wishes to join but for a limited time only #TCH staking Ids are selectively whitelisted, on a first-come first-served basis, if they meet the appropriate specifications.

#TCH staking project is approved by #Thoreexchange based on #ThoreGroup interpretative decision