#THR ThoreCOIN Investment Cycle

THR provides a decentralized peer-to-peer ether network that enables anyone on Earth to njoy a basket of top-traded high-demand coins Simply put, it’s a Basket of Multiple cryptocurrencies in which you can invest by buying tokens, without the need to buy each cryptocurrency separately. It’s an opportunity to easily participate in the growth of cryptocurrencies. It’s a simple and comprehensible solution. You need to monitor only one price — the price of the #THR Token

By buying a Token, you get a share in #THR portfolio, THR token is traded as any other coin 24/7. Simply and quickly. No bank account is needed, No Multiple A/c Needed just a mobile phone with internet access & #THR in Your Wallet Our belief is that the beauty and power of the Ethereum technology should be easily accessible to all.


ALLOCATION:100% . Phase 1

Token Performance
Phase 1 $10-$19 
37600 Token Sold Phase 1

Min Price $10

Max Price $16

Phase 2 Live 15 March 2018–1 May 2018
27850 Token


200,000 #THR

ThoreCOIN Token Holding Pattern