being enchanted

You can do anything you want and you wont ever catch up with this enchanted world. Sometimes you are going to feel enchanted. Some wondrous thing will sweep you off your feet and you’ll think: there is something amazing about living and you’ll think this amazing thing can never quite be held in your hands. There’s another kind of enchantment, too. It’s that you never know what’s propelling you through the day, through your life. You’re under a spell.

You’ve surrounded yourself with objects and you think you know what they’re meant for. You go to sleep on the bed. You drive in the car. You can and you should think about how these things arrive to you. The hands and powers they pass through. But, even then, you’re not going to understand how they enchant your life. You can and you should find other ways of arriving at and orienting around these things. But there’s always something that’s going to escape you. You can never know how you are enchanted. You can never know what’s motivating the world you are creating as a participant. You can ask: what do I want from this object? What is it that I am wanting in this wanting? But you will never unravel the myth that you are living.

There is value in trying on what Jane Bennett calls “an open-ended comportment.” If demystification can only take you so far, see what happens when you start from the premise that you and the the world you live in are open-ended.

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