What is MERN Stack?

What Is a Stack?

“Stacks are merely the different technologies being used to achieve a specific goal.”

  • MongoDB.
  • Express(.js).
  • React(.js).
  • Node(.js).

Major Components in MERN Stack


MongoDB is a document database that runs on multiple platforms. A document database such as MongoDB stores data in flexible documents and can be queried with a JSON-based query language. For the data structure to remain stable over time, documents must differ in size, content, and number of fields. MongoDB is the most popular framework due to its flexibility and scalability.

MongoDB Features

  • Scalable environments are built-in.
  • Multiple MongoDB servers can run simultaneously. There is a duplicate copy for security from hardware failure to keep the system up.
  • A master-slave replication mechanism is also in place. The framework maintains multiple copies of the data by using native applications.
  • MapReduce is supported, as are flexible aggregation tools.
  • Since the database uses JavaScript rather than procedures, MongoDB gets along just fine with JavaScript.

Benefits of MongoDB

  • The indexing of documents becomes very easy with this tool.
  • It’s easy to handle extensive data by distributing it across multiple machines, so scalability is critical.
  • Schema-less files are those that contain both structured and unstructured data.
  • MongoDB is pretty straightforward to set up.
  • You can create documents quickly with its flexible document model.
  • Due to MongoDB’s use of commodity hardware, costs are significantly reduced.
  • ExpressJS: An application framework for back-end web development



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