Reflection for VLC assignment

I initially thought this assignment would be relatively easy. But as I am so often reminded, when technology is involved, I should reserve judgment until getting started!

Our group was able to come up with a focus relatively easily — we decided to create a page for a middle school based off of Claire’s own place of employment. Our plan was to manipulate and input some of the information and ideas found on the school website into our site by focusing on the Student Involvement page (I think that was the original name of the page). We decided to rename the page Lincoln Activities and our goal was to showcase 3 different ways students have gotten involved at the school — through a picture representing the spelling bee, a video of the makerspace, and something else (which I can’t remember because we never got that far). Again — I thought we could tear through A LOT of the editing of the original site, but we didn’t.

I’m going to go ahead and blame part of the slowness on us not being Mac users. To me it felt like being right-handed but trying to use my left hand to write. The other issue was the template itself. It wasn’t as easy to manipulate as I thought it would be. The controls were simple enough to find, but actually getting them to work the way we wanted was a challenge. For instance, we figured out how to insert a picture, but couldn’t figure out how to move it to the place we wanted it. We also figured out how to embed a YouTube video, but couldn’t figure out how to make it fit into the allotted space. And Claire figure out how to insert a graphic into the header, but not how to get rid of the background image.

I think that the idea of a template is great as it allows you to see what you can do. But in this case, it may just have been easier to start from scratch. Or it may just be better to use the updated templates. I love the idea of a VLC as it brings together the goals and achievements of an organization in a virtual space. But the actual site has to be created by a person who can make the VLC an aesthetically pleasing place to visit.

We had a goal, which was helpful, because we were able to plan how we wanted to change the columns, headers, etc. But we weren’t able to see that goal to fruition because we lacked the knowledge to manipulate the given form in the way we wanted. More time and more patience is the key :)