Subscription Database Brochure Reflection

I probably spent way too much time on this one — moving things around, trying different fonts, playing with the colors. Thank goodness for a great graphics team at my actual job!

My go-to for graphic design is Canva. I use it a lot at work to create things that don’t have to go through the graphics department (like signs for displays). It’s a relatively easy-to-use design program with lots of free templates and graphics.

For this assignment I chose a template I thought would work, and then re-purposed it and replaced all of the elements with what I needed for the assignment. I chose a tri-fold because it seemed like the best way to package the information I wanted to include. Tri-folds can be placed on information desks or even on shelving by foreign language materials without taking up too much space.

I tried to tie all of the elements together by using the same 2 fonts, same color scheme, and rounded graphic elements. I also tried grouping like-elements to create cohesion and clarity. I hope it worked — its hard to self-edit when you’ve been staring at something for a long time! Leaving the work and coming back to it later definitely helped.

I chose to highlight three language learning resources — Little Pim, Muzzy, and Mango Languages. I hoped to make an eye catching brochure that would grab the attention of kids, but that would be geared more toward their adult caregivers.

The graphics on the front are kid-friendly, but the use of the foreign word indicates that the brochure is for something more than just an advertisement for a game or something of that nature.

On the inside I wanted to share the basics of the databases without getting too wordy.

If patrons need help or want more information, they can contact me or someone else at the library. I think people are used to minimal instructional help when getting started on something these days. A brochure like this is a way to casually and quickly inform someone of services they may not know about. It’s not intended as a step-by-step walk through of how to use the product (though those types of brochures definitely have a place).

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