Ethorse Project Update — January 2, 2018

Jan 2, 2019 · 3 min read

A Look Back at 2018 and What’s Ahead for 2019

Announcing Ethorse’s 2019 Strategy: Incentivize, Automate, Communicate and Accelerate

Recently, the Ethorse team has taken some time to look back at 2018 and plan for the project’s long-term success in 2019.

Our 2018 achievements included:

  • Launching the world’s first DApp for betting on the price of cryptocurrencies
  • Stabilizing the Ethorse platform while overcoming significant challenges related to Ethereum scaling
  • Developing new technologies, including an in-house Oracle and innovative bet matching system
  • Introducing the Ethorse Ecosystem, which included working closely with the My Little Ethorse team to expand the DApp’s capabilities
  • Driving more than 1000 ETH in DApp volume since launch and delivering over 120 ETH in dividends to investors

2018 also brought its share of challenges. Some of the most important are:

  • A deep crypto bear market, which not only limited our ability to deliver on key aspects of the original Ethorse roadmap, but had a big impact on user interest in DApps in general, including Ethorse
  • Challenges with retaining DApp users — this is the most important issue we’ve been focused on solving over the last few months; we’ve done a good job of attracting new users to the platform with limited marketing, but need to make sure they stay for the long-term
  • Helping new users understand how to play the DApp quickly and scheduling races during periods that truly meet user demand

During 2019, we will be addressing these and other challenges by executing a strategy that has four parts:

  • Incentivize: Provide players with incentives, including the previously announced Ethorse Player Rewards system, to play the DApp regularly
  • Automate: Use the systems we have already created (seeding, bet matching) to allow our regular players to automate their bets so that they are not limited to playing during certain times and races are being run as often as possible — ideally automatically and with players not having to be at their computers — 24 hours a day
  • Communicate: Doing a better job of communicating the benefits of playing Ethorse to different groups and educating players on basic and advanced playing strategies
  • Accelerate: Introducing new playing modes (i.e., Ethorse Futures/mobile) and wisely using our ETH assets to market Ethorse (how to play, benefits of playing, etc.) broadly (this will become easier once the bear market ends and ETH’s value increases)

The goal of the Incentivize and Automate parts of our strategy is to set a baseline of healthy volume for the DApp (generated by a core group of players) that will:

  • Deliver an increase in sustainable, predictable dividends to investors
  • Make the DApp more attractive to the casual players we will engage during the Accelerate stage

We apologize for the downtime of the dApp for the last few days during which we had some technical difficulties. We will be releasing a revised Ethorse Roadmap that reflects our 2019 Incentivize, Automate, Communicate, Accelerate strategy in the coming weeks.

Have a wonderful New Year and thank you for your continued support.


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