Project Update: Introducing Ethorse Ethouse

Anonymous development team partners with us to launch Ethorse Ethouse: The world’s first DApp platform that provides players with multiple gaming experiences — all driven by the changing prices of cryptocurrencies.

HORSE token holders will receive ETH rewards from all future Ethouse DApps (currently eight are in development; six are in alpha or beta). First Ethouse DApp, PriceRoll is open for beta testing by the community.

Today, we are pleased to introduce a significant expansion to the Ethorse platform: Ethorse Ethouse.

Developed by an anonymous team of developers, Ethouse, will be the world’s first DApp platform where users can profit on the changing prices of cryptocurrencies by playing a variety of fun and challenging games.

Ethouse will deliver many benefits to players and investors, including:

The ability to bet on changing cryptocurrency prices 24/7: The team is building DApps that offer users the opportunity to play a variety of short and long-term crypto price-focused games either on their own, or with others 24/7. Players can enjoy these games before, during and after classic Ethorse races.

A potential increase in ETH Rewards: HORSE token holders will receive ETH rewards from every Ethouse gaming DApp the team develops. The team is working on eight DApps currently (six are currently in alpha or beta). In exchange for their efforts, the Ethouse team will receive 2.5% of all classic race volume and a percentage of HORSE tokens reserved for the original development team.

Ethouse DApps Currently in Development

The Ethouse team is currently working on:

New Classic Ethorse Race UI (New Name: Crypto Derby): The team is developing a new Ethorse UI and race contract focused on improving players’ understanding of how to play the DApp and increasing race options. Ethorse races will be renamed to Crypto Derby. Crypto vs. USD and Crypto vs. Crypto races will be available. Race durations will be from 5-minutes to multiple days and feature between 1 and 3 coins. Derby is in alpha.

On-Demand Races: The team will quickly introduce on-demand races (to be known as Crypto Challenges), where anyone can launch and promote 5-minute to multiple day races — on their schedule. Crypto Challenge is in alpha.

PriceRoll: The team has developed PriceRoll, a DApp that combines a provably-fair, secure dice game with short-term crypto price futures. Players can select their odds of winning in dice and earn a bonus if they correctly predict whether the price of BTC, ETH or LTC will go up or down by the end of their 2–3 minute roll. PriceRoll is currently in beta (

CoinEmpire: CoinEmpire is a crypto price futures game, similar in some respects to Monopoly. Players will compete to own three types of properties: Cities, Blocks and Lots. Lots represent individual price points (e.g., $131.12).

There are 100 price Lots in a City (e.g., 131.00–131.99) and 10 price Lots in a Block (e.g., 131.00–131.09). 
Players will earn a percentage of the total CoinEmpire pot every time Ethereum’s current price matches a Lot’s price, or falls within the price range of a Block or City. For example, if Ethereum’s price is $132.50, the Lot matching that price would earn ETH. The City and Block containing that price Lot would also earn ETH.

Players can also trade Cities, Lots and Blocks. When properties are sold, the original owner earns a guaranteed profit.

The goal of CoinEmpire will be for players to correctly predict Ethereum’s future price movement so that they can buy Cities, Lots or Blocks before they become “Hot.” (Hot properties will either match or be close to Ethereum’s current price and have a higher potential of earning ETH or being purchased by other players.) 
CoinEmpire is currently in alpha.

The Golden Ticketh: This is a lotto where players win ETH if their ticket matches the three-digit number drawn that day. Daily numbers are generated from the combined prices of ETH, LTC and BTC at drawing time. Over time, the Ticketh pot will grow as ETH not distributed to winning players is used for the next day’s drawing. (Ticketh is currently in alpha.)

Also, the currently planned HORSE Rewards feature developed by MLE (now known as Team HRSY) will be integrated into the Ethouse platform (Rewards are currently in alpha). Team HRSY will collaborate with the Ethouse team on this effort. 
In the future, the Ethouse team will produce UIs for all DApps in multiple languages (Chinese, Spanish, etc.).

Play a Beta Version of PriceRoll

Community members can play a beta version of the first Ethouse DApp, PriceRoll, on the Kovan Testnet by visiting:

Community Communication: New Official Telegram Player’s Channel and Ethouse Team Account

Select Ethouse team members will join the official Ethorse channel using accounts that contain the word: “Ethouse.” They will be available to answer questions and may hold an “Ask Me Anything” session on Telegram with community members.

Also, we will launch an official Ethorse Ethouse player’s channel on Telegram (Ethorse Ethouse Player’s Club). Discussion on this channel will be limited to providing feedback about Ethouse games, discussing game play and feature automatically generated alerts focusing on in-Ethouse platform events. Discussions about product marketing, HORSE token price and other non-game-related conversations will be not allowed in the Player’s Club. 

Investors are welcome to continue to use the main Ethorse channel, which will be renamed to Ethorse Ethouse. A player’s channel will be added to Discord in the future.

Ethorse Developers’ Future Role

As the original developers of the Ethorse platform, we will:

• Seed all new Ethouse DApps (using existing ICO funds) and provide input to the Ethouse team on platform development and expansion

• Fund bounties (with HORSE tokens) to facilitate the public auditing of Ethouse DApp contracts — if necessary

• Help market the Ethouse platform using ICO funds previously budgeted for this purpose

• Work with the Ethouse team to produce project updates

• Communicate directly with the community via Telegram and Discord (from time to time), although the Ethouse team will be the primary point of developer contact moving forward

We look forward to a bright future for the Ethouse platform and appreciate the community’s continued support and engagement.

Our next update will feature information about a new planned smart contract (developed by the Ethouse team) that will allow HORSE holders to:

  • Stake their tokens and claim ETH rewards from Ethouse DApps on-demand (e.g., daily) rather than quarterly
  • Access the new staking contract (and claim ETH rewards) via

This new staking contract will replace the current quarterly ETH rewards distribution process.