About the Ethos Brand

The Ethos brand represents a collection of extraordinary creators of hand-crafted leather products deeply rooted in Americana culture. Ethōs’ unmistakable signature of unique artistry and old world craftsmanship is embodied in each of these handmade-in-the-USA products — guitar straps, cuffs, boots, accessories and jeans. Premium strong-yet-supple leathers, glove-soft linings, and maximum wearer-comfort underscore the distinctive design, character and quality of Ethos brand products.

To fully appreciate the Ethos brand, one must fully appreciate the creator and the inspiration behind it — President and Master Designer Chad Little. A rare combination of artist and artisan, Chad and the Ethōs team harness the passion and power of life, love and the human spirit and meticulously infuse them into cutting-edge, fashion-forward designs that are frequently described as a place where “Midwest Meets Manhattan”…a place for consumers who covet individuality.