Hello World!

Dear Crypto Community!

Let us introduce you to the GAME OF THE YEAR in the world of decentralized blockchain gaming. Our team has been working on this project since November last year, and now that we’ve made sufficient progress, it’s finally time to showcase part of our efforts to the community.



Recently, we’ve noticed an unfortunate phenomenon of projects with low-quality content flooding the crypto-sphere. We’ve thus set out to buck the trend and deliver a game that oozes with sincerity. Players can expect to be wowed with innovative features, smooth gameplay and overall impressive quality and style.


So what’s the game all about?

The key concept revolves around the purchase and sale of virtual real estate assets. You get the chance to try your hand at managing your very own crypto-company. Bring out the Vitalik in you! While conventional asset trading features (and profit-making) will be available, it’s just one element in the exciting game design that ETH.TOWN promises to achieve.

In this game, you will start off as a small property investor, and work your way up to the very top of the ranking ladder. Out-wit! Out-play! Out-strategise! Beyond a certain point in the game, and once certain conditions are met, you will be able to sit back and comfortably benefit from other participants’ actions. We won’t reveal more at this stage, but we promise that game mechanics will be rational, and it’ll be fun!

Is the game about collecting stuff? (Now where have I heard that before?)

You’ll be able to acquire digital “collectibles” in the game, including rare characters, and unlock corresponding achievements through your actions. Characters are an important part of the gameplay (and the first “cool” feature which we’ll reveal a bit more on in this post), with the ability to help you increase your profits — if you play your cards right.

Our AWESOME artists are drawing these little fellas from scratch, to ensure that each and every one of them will be unique. Through the game platform, you’ll also be able to request for the customisation of your character in the exact way you wish it to be drawn. Personalisation FTW! This reveals in part, our team’s commitment to the principle that players, and not developers alone, will have their voice heard in how the game proceeds, and in determining how exciting the game-world becomes for everybody. The world of blockchain is changing fast, but we’ll work hard to make sure that the game will EVOLVE along the way to incorporate the latest fun/cool/life-changing trends or dynamics in cryptocurrency.

Is it about being #1?

Nope… If you manage to get to the top spot, it will definitely be worth your while. But we’re sure you will get a lot more out of the gameplay along the way.

Is it about HODLING?

Well…you don’t actually need to HODL to get profits. But if you HODL, it will very, very likely be worth your wait. 😊

Is it about having FUN?

ABSOLUTELY! If you thought Crypto-kitties brought blockchain tech careening into the mainstream, just wait till ETH.TOWN launches. Grab the chance to be part of something BIG, with lots of other like-minded, fun-loving folks.

— — — -

ETH.TOWN is currently preparing for the closed alpha-launch and we’re inviting people who have crypto-gaming experience to join in! Please apply for it on our website.

Also, we are running an airdrop! $5 worth of tokens, for free, for you! You’ll need to subscribe to our news here: https://eth.town!

Hope you are as excited as we are,

ETH.TOWN team.


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