Introducing ETH.TOWN Moon Factory!

Moon Factory is an idle game with time management mechanics and a global economy model. You run your own factory, which uses raw products and produces penguin piloted space rockets. There’s a relatively complex tiered production chain involved, where goods of each following tier are more valuable, and the finished rocket is the most valuable asset.

How it works

You buy raw materials and start the production of the next tier of products. It takes 24 hours to fully produce the next tier goods, but one can claim the completed part at any time. Claiming the completed products (produced either fully or partially) is required in order to start producing the next tier items from them.

For example, a penguin is made from eggs and heat lamps. Once you claim your completed penguins, and provided you already have some space suits (acquired in a similar way), production of astronauts begins.

Eventually you put together a rocket and a penguin astronaut and get a Moon Penguin Rocket, the completed product. You can sell those at full price (good deal!), or disassemble them into raw materials. Disassembling a finished rocket into raw materials is actually an even better deal, since you are getting more items than you used to construct the rocket: the rocket takes 8 items to assemble, and disassembling it gets you 10. No idea how it’s possible, it’s rocket science!

About most interesting part of the game is the global economy model. The price of rocket pieces changes all the time, and it depends on users’ activity in the game. All new part purchases (either by new or existing players) increase the value of parts owned by all players in the game. More on that later.

Now more about the game mechanics and features.

Purchasing raw materials

The price of a raw materials depends on the balance of the contract (i.e. how much Ether the contract holds at the given time). The formula is (Balance/Amount — 5%) — 20%. Where 5% (or less) is the dev fee (goes to the ETIT dividend pool and the devs), and 20% is a “direct purchase penalty”. The game model is balanced in such a way that presence of this penalty guarantees the growth of price of existing materials owned by other players.

When you do a buy-in, you get various amount of raw products. It’s the recommended “starter pack”, since you are getting some amounts of all the products, which starts the production automatically.

If you are short on specific raw products, you can buy them too. The trick here is that the specified product will be only half of the products you get. The other half will be some other 3 random products in random proportions.

Product prices and product sale

The price of a single product is defined by the total amount of parts in the game, contract balance, and how many raw product items it takes to produce this specific product. This means that the Moon Rocket is 8 times more expensive than any raw material, and a penguin astronaut it twice as expensive as a naked penguin (it takes a penguin and a space suit to produce the astronaut).

The game rewards selling more complex products, and penalizes selling raw materials. The best option is of course selling completed Moon Penguin Rockets, which suffer no cost penalty. The raw materials suffer the highest penalty of 20% on sale.

Every time someone sells items with a penalty, the presence of the penalty increases the value of all items for everyone else. For maximum profit don’t sell raw materials, sell completed rockets.

You can sell any product at any time (keeping the penalties in mind). You can also sell all the products you own at once at any time, the game shows you the ever increasing total Ether value of your items at all times.

Converting products

Selling is no fun if you intend to get more raw products, since it means you are penalized twice: on selling and on buying again. But there’s a better option: convert products into raw materials.

Converting products suffers one conversion penalty and that’s it. The penalty is 10% when converting other raw items, ~4.3% when converting tier 1. Converting tier 2 gives 1.25% bonus, and converting Moon Rockets gives a huge 25% bonus!

Conversion takes into account the complexity of the items (a penguin is worth two eggs), and converting a Moon Rocket gives you whole 10 raw product items (instead of 8 that were used to build it).

There’s this trick again: only half of what you get is going to be what you ask for. The other half is 3 random raw materials in random proportions.

Claiming products

After production of an item or any amount of items (yes, there’s even such thing as 0.001 eggs!) is completed, you have to claim them before they can be used for constructing products up the chain. Think of it as a quality control pass :)

If you claim a product, but there are more raw materials to make it from, the production timer resets, and the production continues.

Possible game scenarios

Simple scenario:

You enter the game by buying 800 raw items and then redistribute them so you have even amounts of items by converting goods (we are not suggesting this as the optimal strategy, it’s just for the simplicity of this example). Then, in 24 hours you have raw products fully converted to tier 1 ones, you claim them (think of it as of quality control) and production of tier2 products begins. In 24h more you have the next tier ready, and so on. On the third day you have 100 final Moon Rockets ready! You can either sell them if the price is good by that time and exit the game with the ETH profit, or convert the rocket into raw materials getting 1000 raw items (instant +25% bonus).

Scenario when you forget about the game:

You obtain 100 items of each raw product, in 24 hours you have 400 tier 1 products and then… you forget about it, let’s say for a month. During this month other players will go through the production processes again and again and multiply the total amount of products, so the price per product drops. In such case the value of your 400 tier items will be lower, and you lose value. However if during the month there is a significant influx of new players, and people are not playing the game perfectly efficiently, their “buy in penalties” added to the economy can make up for your inactivity and you can still have profit even this way.

Scenario when everyone plays the game regularly and has their own strategy:

In such case people with better strategies, intuition, luck, and diligence will be getting more bonuses and less penalties in comparison to others, and the value of their holdings will be bigger.

We expect exactly that to happen. Outwit and outsmart!

Referral program

The ETH.TOWN referral program works with Moon Factory! Get your referral link at and spread the word. Every time players referred by you buy the starter pack of raw materials you get a bonus automatically.

Note: you must to own at least 100 items of products in the game to be receiving the referral bonus.

ETH.TOWN Features

Moon Factory is an ETH.TOWN game. What does this mean?

Depending on the level of your hero you will be getting a bonus to your raw material purchases (up to 2%).

A portion of all Ether received for buying raw materials goes directly into ETIT dividend pool. The more people play Moon Factory the more ETIT holders profit. The game is available to everyone, so spread the word everywhere!

Playing the game also earns you ETIT. You get 5 ETIT for every Ether you spend for buying the raw materials.

This is going to be a long game. The key factor will be skilled time management and luck when converting the products. The risk is forgetting about the game and missing the opportunity to produce more high level goods.

Don’t spend more on raw materials than you can afford to lose. This is a zero sum (except for the fee up to 5% going to the ETIT pool) game where skilled players benefit at the expense of those who mismanage their production chain.


The game has pretty complex mechanics, and gas consumption is significant on some operations.

The game’s smart contracts are designed to be upgradable, and we are planning to introduce the optimizations as the game is running.

Free play

We are reserving the possibility to enable a way to play for free without spending Ether to enter, but we are not doing it yet due to the risk of bots taking advantage.

Summing up

Moon Factory is an idle game with time management mechanics and a global economy model. You run your own factory, which uses raw products and produces penguin piloted space rockets. There’s a relatively complex tiered production chain involved, where goods of each following tier are more valuable, and the finished rocket is the most valuable asset.

Launch date and time: June 25th, 2PM GMT!

Other timezoens: 10AM EDT(EST), 11PM JST, 7AM PDT(PST), 4PM CEST.

Good Luck!


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