Moon Factory: Busting Myths!

Moon Factory has got some great reception. Thank you for that!

However we feel it is misunderstood a lot, despite various descriptions and FAQs we posted. This is quite normal, it means we are good at innovating. If something easily falls into an existing category at a glance, it’s an evolution of an existing concept. If it doesn’t, we it means we succeeded in creating something brand new.

Here are a few misconceptions we noticed and would like to debunk.

Myth 1. The devs are taking a large share!

Well, just look at that, I entered with 1 ETH, and it shows I get 0.65 ETH if I sell immediately. They must have pocketed 35%, right?

Wrong. The devs take less than 1% on purchase, and that’s it. The other 4% (or less if high level hero) on each purchase went into the ETIT dividend pool. The other 35% or so are: 20% purchase penalty (which is recovered by crafting more items) and ~15% sell penalty (which is not applied when you sell Moon Rockets, avoid selling less advanced products). Everything but the 1% dev fee goes back to the game and ETIT holders.

Myth 2. It’s a skillfully disguised ponzi scheme.

Because the trend in crypto games is playable ponzi schemes of all sorts?

Here’s why it’s not. The idea of a ponzi scheme is that earlier investors get larger return on their investment as the result of later investors entering the scheme. Once there are not enough new investors to feed the old ones, the scheme crashes. You have to exit in time before it crashes, because the scheme by design doesn’t have enough money to pay everyone what it promises, so you’d rather be among those who get paid. So it either crashes (these get paid, those do not), or declines (oops, we only have this much left for everyone).

In case of Moon Factory, the game is balanced in such way that the contract always has enough to buy items at market price from everyone. The market price does not drop when people sell, it’s not a stock/commodity market simulator either.

Myth 3. If people start cashing out, I should do that too, before it’s too late.

For the reasons outlined above, it just doesn’t work in any what that would justify that.

When people exit the game selling Moon Rockets, the prices don’t change at all. If they sell earlier products, the prices go up slightly.

Myth 4. The game economy is a bubble that will burst eventually

Do you really think we would make a short-living pyramid scheme a permanent part of ETH.TOWN?

Players profit not because the price infinitely goes up (and it doesn’t), but because they multiply the amount of items they own by running efficient production. It’s not a bubble.

Myth 5. It’s too late to enter already

Things like this exist in pyramid schemes where the way to profit is to enter early. Moon Factory is different.

No matter when you enter, the rules are the same: you start being 35% down. Every time you convert Moon Rockets into raw resources, you get +25% more items. Produce over and over, manage the chains properly, and profit.

Other people buying, selling, or converting with a penalty increase the item price (and thus your balance), but it’s a secondary mechanic. Rely on your own production, not on actions of the others.

And to wrap it up, here’s a reminder of how Moon Factory economy works.

  • To win, you have to produce rockets faster than the average player.
  • Your balance (the number under “Sell all”) is the market price of items multiplied by how many of them you have, less sale penalty (no penalty when selling Moon Rockets).
  • The price of items goes up every time a penalty is applied to an action of a player: buying new items, converting low level items, selling items other than Moon Rockets.
  • The number of items you have grows when you convert Moon Rockets (+25%) or empty rockets and astronauts (smaller bonus) into raw materials. This also drives the price down a bit for everyone.
  • Converting Moon Rockets reduces the price.
  • Selling items does not reduce the price.
  • Selling Moon Rockets does not reduce the price.
  • Selling items other than Moon Rockets increases the price.


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