Redux is kicking my butt
Sophia Shoemaker

I definitely share your sentiment on this. Learning React + Redux has been one of the least smooth going experiences ever. I think in part it comes due to the fact that it’s still a fairly young and not yet mature technology. But still, I think a much better job could be done with documentation.

We need not just documentation of how things work but also best practices for patterns and how things are “normally” (even though not necessarily) put together. With Javascript you could always do things differently, but then the code would probably be crap — which is why we have best practices which, in turn, in my experience, are fairly hard to find in the React/Redux community.

Case in point: how the heck am I supposed to handle data loading from a web API on page load. I have React, Redux, etc… but actions and all of that, that’s what I’m still trying to wrap my head around.

Good luck to you!

P.S. I don’t think that functional programming principles help *that* much in this context… I know myself some Clojure/Lisp and I haven’t seen much of that knowledge applied in React/Redux so far.

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