How Meditation Will Make You More Productive at Any Time

There are many reasons people turn to holistic therapies such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, and tai-chi. Some want to become more effective in their jobs, and others feel that they must use their minds to change their health, especially when their bodies temporarily fail them.

According to the American Psychological Association, “we define mindfulness as a moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment. In this sense, mindfulness is a state and not a trait. While it might be promoted by certain practices or activities, such as meditation, it is not equivalent to or synonymous with them.” In essence, people who want to exist more often in that desired state of increased awareness can choose meditation for their purpose. They may meditate for different purposes throughout the day and night.

Meditation is Good for the Body

You don’t have to look far to discover the health benefits of meditation, which is closely associated with yoga. The latter is actually a discipline that combines breathing exercises, physical postures, and a firm philosophy with some form of meditation. According to the National Institutes of Health, some forms of yoga can effectively relieve conditions such as chronic low-back pain. However, people with limitations such as high blood pressure, sciatica, glaucoma, or pregnancy may have to modify yoga and perform it under the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor. They may also consult a physician on the appropriate precautions while engaging in this type of exercise.

Meditation is Integral to Yoga

The 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), which comprised different data points on complementary health approaches used by Americans, found that yoga is the sixth most commonly used complementary health practice among adults. There were over 13 million people engaging in yoga activities in 2006 and more than 1.5 million children doing yoga as well. While these numbers have grown in the past ten years, yoga remains a way to safely and effectively improve our health and wellness.

Turning to Meditation

The great thing about physical activity is that it’s something you can make time for, even if it’s just 15 minutes strolling around the block or 5 minutes in the early morning doing pushups. With meditation, especially using an app, you can try this form of training your mind and relieve stress in your body with only a few minutes to spare. With a focus on mindfulness, you can become more aware of your body’s personal state at more points during the day. You can take a break even during a stressful time at work and refocus. What’s more, meditation costs nothing, and it can immediately change the physical condition of your body, especially when your mind is under duress, which upsets the natural balance of things.

Focus on Productivity

Even if you have a regular exercise routine including yoga and meditation to maintain your balanced lifestyle, it can’t hurt to try new techniques with the goal of increasing your mental focus.

Try an App

You don’t have to log on to a mobile device or a laptop computer to experiment with meditation. Of course, audio and video recordings are helpful. With an app, you can practice meditation habits at any time. We believe that meditation can make you more productive by increasing your ability to prioritize tasks and to accomplish them without distractions.

See the Results

You don’t have to take our word for it. You can experiment with meditation in the Zen style and consider the ways that your daily routine changes for the better. You might start out by accomplishing a routine work task with greater speed. Every day, you could increase your productivity by restructuring your workload and adding more minutes of meditation to your schedule. The possibilities for higher productivity are endless when you’re more aware of your mind and body’s present states!

Peacefully Yours


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