⚡️Crypto Jobs Newsletter⛓ — November 2017 by Etienne Brunet

This post reflects my personal views on the current crypto market.

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⚡️Crypto Jobs Newsletter⛓ — November 2017

Hi everyone,

This is the first issue of my crypto jobs newsletter. I am super excited.

As described in my recent post, this newsletter is targeted to non-tech individuals looking to have a curated list of the most interesting crypto jobs. Every four weeks I shall send a new issue only to the people who signed up.

Do let me know if you have any recommendation on the format, jobs or anything else and share it with with friends, colleagues (even the annoying ones that mentioned they bought Bitcoin in 2011)!

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Crypto Funds 🤑

  • Position: Investment Analyst/Trader based in Stamford, CT. An office in San Francisco is planned to open in 2018
  • Company: BlockTower Capital, a cryptocurrency investment firm, bringing professional trading and portfolio management to an emerging digital asset class
  • What you’ll do? Part of a seven man team, the investment Analyst/Trader will trade on events such as conference announcements, forks and new coin listings; pursue “activist” investing in smaller cryptocurrencies and helping them to gain traction with developers and on exchanges; and invest in themes such as decentralized file storage among others
  • Funding: The company started with $50m of AuM in August ’17 and has continued to grow its AuM steadily. Words on the street that Union Square Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz are LPs
  • Competitors? There are 180+ crypto funds but Blocktower sets itself apart with its strong leaderships, proper institutional investment strategy, strong network. The fund is not doing ICO flip, is not a quant / algo trading shop. Closest competitor would be Galaxy Investment Partners by Mike Novogratz but the fund is still fundraising and not yet properly setup
  • Why is it awesome? Both founders want to build a next-gen investment fund. With their first fund, they are applying a sort of macro / activist strategy to the nascent crypto market based on their institutional investment background. Ari has been doing an awesome job at educating LPs, banks and other institutional funds (highly recommend the Epicenter episode) and often acts as one of the few grown-ups in the world of 27 something crypto hedge fund managers
  • Why some people may not like it? The fund is not a crypto VC. They invest post ICO and have a short to medium term investment horizon strategy. Moreover, it is not the right shop if you are looking for a quant / algo shops. Here you will need to do proper investment analysis, discuss with the team members etc…
  • Desired skills: Either trading or strong engineering background, with deep passion and knowledge of cryptocurrency. Fluency in Korean or Japanese is a must
  • How to apply: Apply directly on their website: https://blocktower.com/ — Brownie points if you mentioned you heard this job through my newsletter =D
  • Position: Research Associate based in Austin, Texas / remote is also an option
  • Company: Multicoin Capital, a venture-style funds that invest in liquid cryptoassets aiming for 100x in every investments they make
  • What you’ll do? Part of a 4 man team, you will research, analyse and invest in cryptoassets with a long term investment approach
  • Funding: I heard they closed $10m and looking for $100m for their first funds
  • Competitors? MetaStable Capital, Pantera Capital and PolyChain Capital.
  • Why is it awesome? The founders are very outspoken in what they believe and do not believe in. Have a look at their awesome blog. By joining their team, you will develop a proper understanding of the different protocol and Dapps. For instance, you will understand why investing in NEO actually does not make sense (or does it?)
  • Why some people may not like it? It requires very strong analytical skills, ability to have a contrarian view and to support it when Kyle tells you that it does not make sense. The team is relatively small but offers an amazing opportunity to join one of the most interesting crypto funds in the market
  • Desired skills: They don’t care about what Ivy schools you went to and that you worked at GS for two years. They want people that can think independently. Bonus for candidates who are technical, and who speak other languages (especially Chinese, Korean, Japanese)
  • How to apply: Please read their application process here once you have written your case study, you will have to find the email of Kyle and just email your application there using the subject “RA applicant — [Your name].” Please just call him Kyle. Not Mr. Samani.- Brownie points if you mentioned you heard this job through my newsletter =D

⚡️Crypto Startups 🔗

  • Position: Product Designer based in San Francisco, CA
  • Company: Coinbase, a platform that facilitates the easy conduct of digital currency for consumers and merchants. It is the most well known and trusted centralised crypto exchange and currently holds $9 billion of customer funds on its platform.
  • What you’ll do? One of the major challenge of the widespread of crypto is not just the block size but also the design / UI of application. Even for some savvy users, it is pretty daunting to send money / trust most of the exchanges. Coinbase has done a tremendous jobs to bring digital currency to the masses. As a product designer, you will take high level product ideas from conception to mockups and finished renderings, working with the engineer team and product managers. Additionally, you will help to implement user flows, interactions, and experiences that are simple, intuitive, and consistent across web and mobile platforms.
  • Funding: Most well funded crypto company with $217m. Some of the investors include IVP, A16Z and DFJ.
  • Competitors? Closest would be Kraken or Bitstamp. Coinbase is the only exchange that have built a major footprint in the B2C market and successfully expanded in the B2B / institutional trading market via GDAX and Custody. Yes, they also have a merchant solution.
  • Why is it awesome? Coinbase is one of few unicorns in the blockchain ecosystem and has gained a super strong brand from both retail and institutional investors. The company is expanding quickly and has both the means and talents to continue doing a fantastic job. Also, it has a great alumni network including Olaf from Polychain, Linda Xie from Scalar Capital or Nick Tomaino from 1C.
  • Why some people may not like it? It is a big company with 240+ FTE. It is not your small startup where everyone knows each others, with no formal processes and potentially HUGE equity options. It is a big company, with a large war chest and a strong management team. And no. They won’t do an ICO. Sorry.
  • Desired skills: Strong online portfolio to demonstrate your design skills, understanding of what makes great user experience, ability to create detailed mockups and work with engineers
  • How to apply: https://www.coinbase.com/careers/6849 — Brownie points if you mentioned you heard this job through my newsletter =D
  • Position: Product Manager: Ledger Vault based in Paris, France
  • Company: Ledger, a leader in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications
  • What you’ll do? Ledger is looking to hire a seasoned Product Manager to build-out their new product targeted at financial institutions to manage securely their digital currency. You will be working closely with engineering, business development and leading financial institutions to capture requirements, feature enhancements and deliver new releases.
  • Funding: Raised $8–10m from top VCs. They are growing super fast.
  • Competitors? On the B2C side, Trezor is the closest competitor. Now the company is targeting the B2B market with the Ledger Vault which from my point of view is the most exciting / promising product that Ledger has ever launched. Ledger has the opportunity to become the reference in the post-trade security for an entire new asset class. However, they are not the only one to launch new post-trade product with Coinbase custody being one of the top competitor
  • Why is it awesome? As a PM, you will drive product requirements and define a cohesive product vision and strategy. You will interact with some of the top hedge funds, asset managers. The Ledger team is brilliant with awesome founders and great exec like Pascal Gauthier and Jean-Michel Pailhon.
  • Why some people may not like it? As the product is designed for the finance industry, one must enjoy the enterprise / finance sale process (Hello Wall Street, Connecticut, Mayfair, Zug etc..). Moreover, even-though custody is a major challenge some people may prefer to work at a more consumer focus project.
  • Desired skills: Two or more years in a fast-paced financial products or technology company. Experience in Finance, Wealth Management is a plus
  • How to apply: To apply, please send your CV (PDF only) as well as a short cover letter to job@ledger.fr with the subject [JOBS]Product Manager: Ledger Vault. — Brownie points if you mentioned you heard this job through my newsletter =D
  • Position: Country Associate, Eastern Europe / France /Germany Italy / Poland / Spain / UK
  • Company: Luno, a bitcoin wallet and exchange operating across more than 40 countries
  • What you’ll do? You will take ownership of a market and drive market leadership & success. As the country associate you will own local product strategy for the market and develop and execute local marketing campaigns as well as develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders in market — regulators, partners, banks, merchants, media
  • Funding: Recently closed a Series B of $9m round by Balderton Capital
  • Competitors? Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken and decentralised exchanges
  • Why is it awesome? Luno is well funded and backed by some Tier I investors (Naspers, Balderton). You don’t need a very strong blockchain expertise and will learn a lot and build strong relationships with people from the industry. Interestingly the company focus on emerging markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and Europe rather than more developed markets like the US or Japan
  • Why some people may not like it? With 60+ FTE and $13m+ of funding, Luno is not really an early stage startup. The focus is for the moment very B2C rather than institutional.
  • Desired skills: This fits someone with a Consulting / Finance work experience and with an international background.
  • How to apply: https://www.luno.com/en/careers — Brownie points if you mentioned you heard this job through my newsletter =D
  • Position: Research Analyst, New York City, Full Time
  • Company: CoinDesk, resource for news and analysis about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
  • What you’ll do? The research analyst will assist the Director of Research on a number initiatives, including but not limited to the production of the quarterly State of Blockchain reports and data trackers CoinDesk currently offers.
  • Funding: Part of the Digital Currency Group
  • Competitors? Over the past five years, Coindesk has set itself apart from the competition by building a strong brand name and millions of views
  • Why is it awesome? Coindesk is the equivalent of Bloomberg / Reuters for Crypto. They have some of the best news coverage. Moreover, it has become a trusted source for market data and research. Their state of blockchain published quarterly is a must read for any individual interested in crypto. By being part of DCG, you will have access to one of the best network in the industry.
  • Why some people may not like it? Your research / articles will be used to drive eyeballs on Coindesk. It is not an investment role. However, it is one of the best position to be at the epicenter of the ecosystem, gain an understanding on the different actors / source of data etc.. I heard that many past researchers have now setup their own fund. Just saying :)
  • Desired skills: Excel, photoshop, writing, editing, powerpoint, social media, quantitative analysis, running surveys and polls. Deep knowledge of bitcoin, ethereum and altcoin markets and technologies. Bonus: Familiarity and ability to navigate data resources such as etherscan, coinmarketcap, coincap, coin dance, blockchain.info, and others
  • How to apply: Please email jobs@coindesk.com with your resume and a cover letter explaining why you would like to join CoinDesk with “Research Analyst” in the subject. — Brownie points if you mentioned you heard this job through my newsletter =D
  • Position: Alliances Business Development Manager — ConsenSys Enterprise based in San Francisco
  • Company: ConsenSys is a venture production studio building decentralized applications and various developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily focused on Ethereum.
  • What you’ll do? Lead technical and delivery teams through complex sales processes: requirements gathering, solution architecture, product and competitive positioning, partner enablement, proposal generation and drafting appropriately scoped statements of work.
  • Funding: ConsenSys has different revenue stream including selling enterprise software product.
  • Competitors? Their enterprise team competes with the likes of R3, Digital Asset Holding and Ripple for talents. Though, ConsenSys is focus on building application on the Ethereum blockchain and is not backed by any financial institutions. ConsenSys goes beyond the financial industry and has recently poached top talents from IBM and other tech giants
  • Why is it awesome? It is a consultative sales and revenue generating role. ConsenSys is one of the largest and well connected companies (just look at the list of EEA partners). You can’t find a better place to do enterprise blockchain sales. The team is looking specifically for business development managers to support partnership activities (primarily cloud providers and solution integrators), financial services efforts (New York and London) and industrial/corporate sales.
  • Why some people may not like it? Even though ConsenSys is one of the most mature blockchain startups, it is still a startup. The company is scaling very quickly and some processes still need to be defined. Also the role requires extensive travelling — 30–50+% required.
  • Desired skills: A great candidate for this position will be confident when entering a board room setting and skilled at leading and supporting complex conversations with ease. This person will have a minimum of 3–5 years of experience working with with senior level business executives and technologists through enterprise software sales cycles, notably with experience in emerging technology ecosystems.
  • How to apply: https://consensys.net/open-positions/?gh_jid=918944 — Brownie points if you mentioned you heard this job through my newsletter =D

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